The guitar with the standard rock tone. When you play it in combination with a marshall stack, you have the ability to sound like any rock band on the radio(if that's what you're looking for). The studio is a heavy, solid body electric guitar in the Gibson Les Paul line. It's one of the lower end Les Paul models in make and price, though Les Pauls are known to be quite expensive new and this guitar is no exception. A studio can cost anywhere between $1000-$1300. I can't say whether or not it's worth this price, but there are good things about it that can somewhat make up for it's costliness. The double humbuckers along with it's weight give it a nice warm, low tone. It's very difficult to get any twang out of it, so if that's what you're looking for, buy a stratocaster. It's a very well made guitar and you can tell just by looking at it. It stays in tune and can withstand a lot of abuse. It's also very easy to play and can almost make you sound better than you actually are. If you play rock music and you can find one of these used, I would highly recommend it, but buying it new is kind of a waste of money in my opinion.

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