The name of a fictional brand of supercomputers from the movie Hackers. Specs for The Gibson:

-Its a room full of glowing blue plexiglass towers, along with four larger towers which have electricity arcing between them.
-It runs on a multi-user variant of MovieOS
-Its used to find oil, do physics, and stuff, as well as control the ballast systems on supertankers.
-It has a three dimensional interface, when files are viewed, they appear as floating mathematical equations.
-It comes with a 140" monitor, and built-into-the-desk glowing red touchpad keyboards.
-Viruses written for The Gibson have the ability to speak, and sometimes even have personalities.
-The Gibson has to be hard wired to the network, that way, when malicious users are connected to it, there's no way you can just unplug the ethernet cable.