The following is the list of all words appearing in the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary containing a Q but no U:

You know, I've been playing Scrabble for most of my life, and I sincerely dislike the use of words such as this. There is no real word in English in which u does not follow q, and that's just a fact of life. These people who have begun using all these crazy words have, in my opinion, ruined Scrabble for the rest of us.

You need to just get yourself a basic English dictionary and play the game with that. There are plenty of words that you'll never figure out without having to resort to sheqel.

This is also a great game to teach your kids the language. When they’re little, play for fun. When they get to be 8-15, give them one and a half point for every letter that counts one. After 15, bet with them for a dime a point and make them pay you when they lose.

According to current linguistic theory, the rules of language are determined by what is used. So, a sentence is gramatically correct if a real person would say it.

As for word usage, the OSPD gets its words from real dictionaries. Modern dictionaries get their words from real literature (a practice started by the OED). So, real people use these words. You may not. In fact, you probably don't. Because you're not a Hebrew scholar, you don't need qoph, or sheqel. If you're not a hacker, you're unlikely to use the word blit. That doesn't mean it's not a word.

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