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Warning: I may not actually be me! Saige has my permission to log in as me and change my M:TG nodes. So, if you see me online ignoring your messages, that's why. Email me to get the real me.

On slashdot, I use the username Prizog. I'm a member of the Worldforge Project. I scan for Project Gutenberg.

I am a leftist. I am a member of the Free Software movement.

Holy shit! The Free Software Foundation hired me! Now I *definately* don't have time to node :)

Image size: 400x999, 78435 bytes.

Top Image: This is me (the scruffy hippy on the left) and my brother (on the right). In front of us is a plate of sushi that we made - given that it was our first attempt, it was delicious.
Middle Image Me, contact juggling. This was a self-portrait, done with the timer on my digital camera. You have no idea how many tries it took.
Bottom Image My family's cute little kitty cat Loki. We have another cat, Artemis, but she's nowhere near as photogenic as Loki is.

How to reach me:

Update: April 2, 2001 wertperch called me from the UK, and he rocks - it made my whole day, and now I shall go through his WUs to find some to Ching!. Anyone else who calls me gets Ching!s and upvotes too.

Hedog (sp?!!) and WolfDaddy called. I will cool their nodes when I have time. And now some words from our sponsors^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Eric Harris:
"After I mow down a whole area full of you snotty ass rich mother-fucker high strung God-like-attitude-having worthless pieces of shit whores, I don't care if I live or die"

Yeah, he was a pretty fucked up dude. Why, since I have not been in high school for years and did not have a particularly traumatic HS experience, am I obsessed wtih school shootings? I have no idea, and it drives me bonkers. More on that topic: I Don't Like Mondays. I do not check my messages and do not node much. E-mail me or find me on IRC. Details at contact page listed above.