Evangelion - Vox
Released by King Records on December 3, 1997.
Retail Price: 3059 Yen
Composed By: Shiro Sagisu
Arranged By: Various
Catalog Number: KICA-382
Total Time 73:17 (mm:ss).

A treat for western fans this Eva CD contains songs based on the BGM composed and produced by Shiro Sagisu, however they are all in English. It features arrangements of music from the Neon Genesis Evangelion series and movies in many different styles, the predominate ones being Rhythm and Blues and Rap with a smattering of Evangelion soundbites. All of the lyrics are in English, the only Japanese featured is in sound clips of characters talking taken from different places throughout the show.

Something to note is that the first print of this CD did not come in a regular CD case but in a metal canister. The cover design on this metal case consists of a Tai-chi (Chinese Taoist symbol) stamped in red and blue.

Each track also has a Lyric Symbol which are found on the lyrics cards that came with the CD. Track listing is as follows:

Format: Number. Track Name (Length (mm:ss)) Lyrics Symbol (Code or description or both)

  1. Evantroduction (2:53) A-4
  2. The Image of Me - Vocalise (5:01) A-1
  3. From My Dreams (5:33) A-4
  4. Evangelism (0:16) A-4
  5. Can't Get You Outta My Head (4:32) A-4 Adam (Embryo)
  6. X-plicit (1:25)
  7. Prelude to Battle (4:24) E-1 3rd Angel (Sachiel)
  8. Battling (4:46) E-1
  9. Interlude - Thanatos (Intrumental) (0:16) E-13 Kaoru Nagisa (A.T. Field)
  10. Thanatos - If I Can't Be Yours - Jazzy Side Stick-Mix (4:45) E-13 Kaoru Nagisa (A. T. Field)
  11. I'll Be Always On Your Mind (5:36) C-5
  12. Armageddon (5:54) SEELE's coat of arms
  13. Komm Süsser Tod - Tumbling Down-Mix (6:31) M-10 (Lilith)
  14. Angel Attack (3:12) E-6
  15. Utopia (4:55)
  16. Promised Land - Reprise (1:07) F-2 Shinji Ikari
  17. Promised Land - Loren & Mash studio LIVE (5:02) F-2
  18. Star - Loren & Mash Studio LIVE (5:26) F-2 Rei Ayanami
  19. The Image of Me - Playback (0:29) A-1
  20. Outro - never shall we return from conflict we must learn (1:14) A-10 Black Moon

Note: Evangelion - Vox is the official full title of the CD. See Evangelion Music for further information about namespacing issues.

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