I was listening to Orgy's Candyass and reading Ender's Shadow. I guess I fell asleep because the book kept trying to hurt me. First the lines of text would jump out and try to poke me in the eye, then the letters made like a giant swarm and attacked me. Then the characters in the book were trying to surround me and smash my ribs in with cinder blocks. One of them threw a brick at me and I caught it with my teeth. It tasted like flour. That's what I get by starting to read a book at eleven at night.

We ran through the underground mall. You were holding on to my hand...why can I never see you, even though I know you are always the same?

Running out of oxygen. Please, I need to find an exit. I feel the panic rising in me like sick. You worry me with your labored breathing. Wading through piles of frothy prom dresses: fuschia, seafoam, aquamarine.

The mannequins move when we're not looking. Cages of plastic arms.

You cried to me, oh god your shoes, your feet. The shoelaces wriggled, shooting up my legs. They melted into me like jellyfish tentacles. I struggled to get the shoes off, not wanting to look at what I knew would be ruined stumps of melted wax, ending at the ankle...

Hmm... you know, it's time I remembered enough of a dream to at least write about some of it...

It was dark, like around twilight, but it was in the morning, we had just eaten breakfast. It was a day at Cedar Point. We were getting in line for the Millennium Force, and my proceeded to ask why we weren't going to wait, since we had just eaten. But lines are long, so we went anyways. Oddly, there wasn't a long line, and I was getting nervous. I wanted to wait, but my dad encouraged us onwards, and hodgepodge was there and he took my hand and we kept walking in line.

Up the stairs, the stairs that reminded me of an old, ornate building. The stairs that had no place in any amusement park other than one in a dream. As we reached the top, the few people that were also walking through the line for the ride weren't really in sight. There were nice, red, ornate comfy chairs sitting around, and the track and the train ran through the middle of a fancy room. There were only a few other people waiting to board. We climbed on.

The safety harnesses weren't locking, and because the train has no sides (like the real one), I was freaking out, but someone told me it would lock later. The train started moving, and a tour guide was somehow riding along with us, and mentioning questions and facts as we went through some strange scenery. He then disappeared as we hit the lift, which started to shoot us up the 315-foot hill...

And I remember no more...

I had moved in to a new apartment. It looked like a tiny bright dark yellow house with a red roof and a ridiculous chimney. I had a housewarming party the first night I was there. An irritating ex-boyfriend got drunk and starting jumping around and making loud noise in the tiny tiny backyard. The neighbours complained and I was anxious about being evicted. I think they were descending on me in an angry horde when I woke up. I want a pet dragon and some silly putty.

- / +

  • Backstage I couldn't find my shoes so I wore hers. Came out to find that I was either with Jerry Seinfeld, or I was him. He didn't want to sit alone on the pretend train but he didn't want to sit with a weirdo either. There were only a few seats left. One man had no sense of smell and another was very smelly, and Jerry was trying to get them to sit together, but they wouldn't.

  • They watched me to make sure I took the pill. It went down hard. I thought it was an antidepressant but I felt my body slump to the floor. I woke up in a darkened cage. I was alone for a long time. When they took away my medical license they circled the cage and chanted together the words that removed my powers. I tried to make them understand but it was much too late. They left me in the dark.

  • It was almost as if the shooting was being presented to us as entertainment. All the angles were good, and we were close to the action. The right things happened in slow motion, and there was plenty of blood to convince us there was death happening all around us while we whirled and jumped and tried to decide who to save.

  • I wanted to tell everyone about these incredible books and I decided to write the best passages on index cards and leave them around the city. The tall cruel man in my living room snatched it out of my hand and sneered at it. If you want to waste your time with this kind of shit - He was gone. I did want to waste my time with this type of shit, and I kept writing.

    Who else was there - James or Mike? So creative and full of surprises and it was nice to not have to think of him as a danger anymore. We were both excited - I handed him a sheaf of paper - we were millions of ideas waiting to formulate.

  • Let's try this again. The first time, my windohs machine crashed before I could submit...

    I was leaving work. Not my current workplace, but rather a place I worked at years ago when I was still in college. The building was the same large brown bricked, sprawling structure, but the parking lot and the surrounding streets were all wrong.

    I walked across the parking lot, on autopilot, thinking about something else. Just as I was about to turn the corner where I usually park my car, I realized that it was much later than I had thought, and that my car would have probably been towed by now. How could I be so stupid. Turning the corner, I could see the tow truck idling beside the car, and a police officer standing at the front, writing on a small pad. As I walked up to him, he confidently ripped the ticket from the pad and handed it to me. I looked at him. I looked at the car. At least I wouldn't have to pay a towing charge. I looked at the car again. It was the right make. It was the right model. It was the right color. But something wasn't right. I looked at the things laying on the dashboard. I don't keep anything on the dash. Ever. I looked at the license plate. Not my license plate. I handed the ticket back to the officer with a smile and said, "Sorry, not mine" and walked away.

    I walked back to the brown brick building and there, very close to the door I had left through, was my car, waiting patiently for me in the parking lot.

    A very short dream to say the least.

    Preface to the dream: day before i had been in a local camera shop looking for an extended flash cord for my camera. I bought a flash/boom for it, and the cord the guy said would be 3 ft. long was 2" long. I wanted to pick up a picture album also.

    So in the dream, my GF walked up to me, and suddenly this huge, and open, album was next to us, and she was showing me all the pictures of us, and some of people i didnt know. But any with her or I in them, were ones that i had taken or have copies of etc. Then i woke up going "Oh crap, class started 20 minutes ago.", only to realize it was saturday.
    - I was in Blockbuster, looking at their DVDs (I never go there). It was a few minutes to 1200, and the employees were yelling at us to leave - one girl especially, who was chubby, blonde, and obnoxiously loud. She was actually kneeling on the counter at one point, like she was about to mutiny. There were several people in there, calmly looking around.

    - Walking through the building where I work. There were bodies hanging above me, definitely dead (serves me right for watching The Sixth Sense that night)....and inflatable pool toys, like smiling dolphins. Both were either stuck or dangling from the ceiling.

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