I have a DVD-ROM drive, but I can't play DVD's because NT doesn't support it. Why do I cling to NT? The chief computer geek took the day off, so it fell to me to resurrect the file and mail servers. It felt GOO-ood to be The Man. Why do I kid myself that I don't want a tech job? The scanner has been useable for weeks, but I haven't scanned any of the photos and journals and mementos. Why do I hold on to the endless scraps of self-documentation?
I wear dressy black slacks and a white button-down shirt, but I forget my wallet on my way out. Thus I miss my morning cholesterol sandwich; therefore, I also forget to take vitamins. I smoke three whole cigarettes (full-strength Marlboros) with %.- at lunch. It's official, tomorrow I'll soak up a full 8-hour shift of overtime. Too bad I don't get time-and-a-half anymore... I'm "management". =P
Lee forgot to bring CCR cd's so I agree to stop by his house after work. I'm running low on coffee, so I plan to hit ShopRite as soon as I get home and get my wallet... by the time I get home, though, going out again is unattractive. I can live without CCR until tomorrow and coffee will hold out for a few days. So much for self-discipline today. The weather is rainy and gray and I need to believe that's why I lack interest in Getting Things Done.