At Work:

- The same two guys talking about golf, like they always do first thing in the morning.

- Looked up a bunch of system error messages, for some errors that I haven't seen before. Joy. Spoke to someone in Japan, and the usual people in Ireland and London. One in Austria.

- Co-worker in the breakroom (the one who just walked up behind me as I was writing this, ahem), warming up macaroni and beef. "My wife and I aren't getting along. I nearly threw this macaroni on the ground. She had a doctor's appointment at 6:15. I made dinner and it would of been ready by the time she came home from the doctor's. The doctor called me at 7 and said 'Where's your wife?' Well, it turns out that she had a meeting with her boss. She never called me or anything. So I said that I was going to take dinner outside and throw it on the goddamn ground. Pissed me off. Don't ever get married."


- Got my laundry done. Bought a Robert Bingham book at B&N. Wreaked havoc (I don't even want to talk about it). Now I'm depressed, and at work (Again).


- Pink gin and lamb's tongue. Mm.