Had my first exam today, no. 1 of three or four written exams.
Wrote an article about the way comercials affect us and did quite well I guess.
Noticed that Asfodel wasn't around, guess that guys a flunker now, decleared dropout by everyone.
Planing to spend the rest of the day wasting my time, getting enslaved by the TV, unless something happens.


Added 14:45 local time:

So that's it then, school's as good as finished for all that I care. The final draws shows that I've got 3 more written exams, all in my my dream subjects.
I've got another exam in Norwegian Monday, I've got English for Thursday and Geopolitics (best translation I can come up with) Friday. I know this stuff, I really do!
So now, there's a weekend in total peace ahead of me, I'll sleep, watch TV, maybe have a beer or two and just pull mind, body and spirit togheter before the exams, showing up totaly relaxed and in control of my self. Composed a node about Exam-preparations for the ones in a situation like mine, just to help people stay cool before their exams.

I'm as good as graduated! Hail to the king, baby! Schools out for summer!!!