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Life would be so much easier if I could just accept things.
Accept that this is true, no questions asked.
The questions are what's making me insane.
Searching, but never answers...only more questions...
Why did I have to be cursed with such an inquisitive nature?
Can I change it?
I can't trust my thoughts anymore. I don't know if they're mine or if they're just regurgitation.
Years of repititionrepititionrepititionrepititionandshit.
Repitition killed my soul and left a numb min#@%@#%
    i   c a ant't
I need to find some suitable release.
Let me forget that I exist for a moment.
And I will be at peace.
(Never at peace, I just ignore the thoughts and the doubt...)
I can't tell you more because you wouldn't understand.
So this is how it ends?!?!?

so this is how it ends.

Went out drinking again last night and almost harfed in the bathtub when I got home. I made a little discovery about alcohol:

Do NOT mix Long Island Iced Tea's with Sex on the Beach's

No leathermouth this time thankfully. I went out with my friends Tony, Patrick and some girlfriend of Tony's. We met up with an old high school friend of mine and talked for a while. Then this girl who had come into my work earlier showed up. Her and her friends went over to the other side of the club where some weird fucking band was playing toy instruments. I went over for a while to see what was going on and be sociable and her and her two friends are out doing performance dance pieces. All I could do to not laugh was look at my drink and stir.
look and stir Joe.

look and stir.

I really thought that this girl was nice, so I helped her with some graphic stuff she had needed done earlier at my work. She was weird, but still being pretty cool. Her friends on the other hand were total idiots. One of them looked identical to Kristy Swanson; I almost called her Buffy about 6 times. She said that for the next show she would be improvising because choreography was nothing more than a snare trap for her sense of expression. I almost spit my drink out on her.
The other one was one of those irate, Indy-rotted neurotics. She was just staring at me waiting for me to slip up and say something insensitive or hit on her or something else--lord-knows what. The woman was trying to talk shit about Kant being a fundie and was dissing on Nietzche--which I don't mind so much. The only problem I had was that she had no idea what the hell she was talking about, so I had to kick it freestyle and bust some philosophy on her. This, of course, shocked 31-flavors-of-fuck out of her because I really don't look nor act like someone who has read Kritik Der Reinen Vernunft or Thus Spake Zarathustra.
In the end she decided to shut it. A wise choice on her part.

After that I went home, almost puked and finally passed out. This morning I went out and bought some flip-flops before I went to work because I broke my other pair.

Going out again tonight, have to be in a wedding tomorrow. I don't even know what time I have to get up.

Hot!Hot!Hot! is all I can say about today. All was well here until two o'clock while I was fixing dinner. Corn bread, red beans and rice, then the nausea and dry heaves started. I ended up in Urgent Care for a shot and some fluids. Still a little groggy, but feel much better. The A/C being out at the gym Tuesday, combined with having the water turned off most of the day Wednesday working on the sinks and toilets (without water to the swamp cooler the house heats up very quickly) led to a good case of heat sickness. Stiil went for my walk though!

Hubby came home tonight saying his older borther just got a job making twice as much as he does and his younger brother just paid cash for a brand new car. I reminded him that they don't have children which makes a big difference. I would rather have my boys instead of a new car. He's called for the application for the Post Office/Government Job. I hope he gives it a try.

Howard Mumma has been absent from gym class for quite a while. I saw him once when he returned from Virginia complaining that one of the Episcopalian Seminary students he was going to be lecturing on Albert Camus and The Minister, mentioned to him that they were getting a live mummy from Arizona for a teacher. Oh boy! I can imagine what Howard said. His wife recently fell and broke her hip so he has been with her. He joked that he had to leave early because "the therapist has fallen in love with my wife and I have to go keep an eye on him!"

Happy Birthday hamster bong!!

At the Table

Jesus took the cup, and after giving thanks he gave it to them saying, "Drink from it, all of you."
- Matthew 26:27 (NRSV)


It's my birthday today. July 22, 1981, my birthdate, I am now nineteen years old. That's legal drinking age here in Ontario, Canada.. luckily I've decided that drinking is inherently stupid, and not for me, so I won't be doing it anymore. One thing I'd like to say is... spoon.

I'll have to think of something mind-numbingly exceptional to write, to make up for the lack of anything dreamy here as of late. The moon was such an intense orange earlier, it didn't even look real.. it's faded a bit, more to a yellow now but has maintained some sort of eerie cartoonish appearance.

I fielded some questions about sygate tonight on IRC, it made me feel all smart, and stuff, even if they were simple. I also rambled a lot, I tend to do that normally but generally it's more coherent when I avoid alcoholic substances. I'm sipping cold water out of a Labatte Blue beer cup now. I like these cups, even if they're supposed to be for beer.. I'll just drink juice and water out of the ones that I have left.

Below will be the happenings of my birthday, in a fairly sequential order, starting with the last hour and a half and ending wherever:
  • I got two virtual birthday greetings and an incredibly sweet/dreamy e-mail.
  • My best friend's mother called to talk to her (she lives with me), because she had called there. She was sleeping but I had to wake her up, considering they're having family issues. (Her sister is quite the selfish trouble maker at present and they're all worried about her because she moved out of the house.) What are you goin' to do? Her mom always sounds so upset, perpetually, it's crazy.
  • I found out I'm getting a Winnie the Pooh birthday cake, this is neat, because I love winnie the pooh.
  • I woke up quite early, before 10am after not heading off to bed until 2:30am, that's kind of crazy, but it's alright. My best friend came in and layed beside me and smooched on my head around 9:30, though I was laying there awake anyway. No signs of hangover'y type feeling. Woo hoo!
  • Checked my e-mail, ICQ, etc., and e2. Joel'y finally sent me that e-mail he'd been promising, and it was freaking amazingly great and probably the best birthday present anyone could have given me. Also, he called me potato head, which made me giggle. I also got... 4 icq msg's saying happy birthday courtesy of that little red balloon, and an e2 msg. Dreeeamy. People tend to talk to you more on your birthday I think.. just because they've an excuse. He-he.
  • I went downtown, after seeing hodgepodge come online and sent some letters and postcards that hadn't been sent yet. (Bad, bad bad me.. but it isn't all my fault, it just happened because of reasons.) My mom gave me $100 for my birthday, and I was going to deposit it but I have to re-open my dead account first. We rented The Green Mile.
  • Last party guest cancelled before I even managed to tell her that the party was off. Ahh, funny. Also, a person delivered a ginormous umbrella tree to my door. And I also got a really cool plant wall hanger thing from my best friend who happens to be the umbrella tree sender as well. :)
  • Everyone's kind of grouchy around this house today, and I'm reminiscing a bit and I should really.. not. My grandmother called me, my dad's mom, and the awkwardness was just a lot.. we don't talk to them much, and it kind of sucks that the only time I hear from her is Christmas/usually my birthday. I guess they've had a messed up life, and my grandpa well of course he was "outside doing yardwork", odds are he is just drunk and would be no good to talk to anyway. What happened there, you know? I guess I'll try not to let it bring me down, but that's one of those things I don't like to think about too often.
  • Still haven't eaten anything aside from those wheat thins. Actually I'm quite annoyed because I wanted to go out for dinner, but I don't think that's going to happen. We watched EDTv.. it was okay. It had nothing on The Truman Show. I hardly wanted to watch tv all day, but.. yeah.
  • It's like, I knew at the beginning of the week that my birthday wouldn't be anything and I shouldn't have had any hopes for it at all and then I wouldn't have been even remotely disappointed. Why do I have so much trouble with holidays/"special" days? Stupid, stupid. Ah well.. at least my morning was really dreamy, for this I am thankful. Also, I'm sure the late evening will be good too. It's just the in between that is killer..
  • I think that sleep might have done me good last night. I talked to my friend, she used to be my best friend but we've drifted a lot, about ex-boyfriend woes for too long. I guess I needed to, no one else was willing to listen. I think she'll always be good for things like that.. she makes me smile, just because it doesn't matter how different we are, and we most definitely are, she's still there and we identify really nicely sometimes.
  • My current best friend is all upset because she isn't making my birthday "good". Heh.. it's just another day. I think I'll listen to that song..
  • Well, this sure was an interesting day, and I suppose it won't be officially over for some time yet. A lot of really good stuff happened, so I'm happy I guess.. some underlying stuff is bothering me, as per usual.
  • Luke called, and I talked to katy too, that was really cool. one of only a few birthday calls I got today, my grandma on my mom's side didn't call but she's away in Windsor so I guess I'll let that slide. (She forgot last year..)
  • All my friends backed out of the party, but my cousin's showed up.. I didn't care too much, except that Mike was here, and I had missed him hardcore, so that was really really nice. We had quite a bit of fun.. of course, I ended up drinking again. So much for quitting tonight.. I had been a bit down that nothing was going on/was going to go on. It all worked out good.. mostly. I feel bad about a few things, but overall it was a good day.
There's some more stuff that I can note here, and I will tomorrow, but I'm too tired to right now.. :)

This past Thursday I had lunch with a coworker and his friend, who happens to be an unattached-hot-smart-funny-Chinese girl.

Here are the highlights of the episode:

The Tuesday before, said girl (I'm going to call her Kelly) called our office to talk to said coworker (who I will call Bob.) Since Bob wasn't in at the moment I had the opportunity to talk with Kelly about Bob's absent state, and that she should call back in a few minutes. When Bob returned I mentioned that Kelly called, and that she sounded cute. This information was relayed to Kelly, who now knows that I said she sounded cute. I hear no mention of her saying I sounded cute.

Thursday, I drive Bob and myself to her office. As Kelly steps out of the building, it suddenly dawns on me that an attractive Chinese girl is about to sit in my car. I panic. Bob offers to sit in the back. I start saying something like "uh.. err.. no.. ack.. she'll be.. uh.. front.. wait.. crap!", but it's too late. Bob gets in the back, and Kelly sits down next to me. My mind is blank. I think I said hi or something.. all I remember is seeing her in the front seat, and having a distinct failure to breathe.

I compose myself and drive us to lunch. We end up at a deli where I unwittingly order the sloppiest sandwich on the menu. Each bite gets shit all over my mouth and after the first half it's all over my hands. Great impression. I decided to take the last half back to the office, and save myself from further humiliation.

Awhile into the meal, she asked me what my name was again. DOH!

At least she thinks Jason is a good name... she knows a lot of cool Jasons. And now she knows "a lot" + 0 cool Jasons.

She mentioned some activities she wanted to do with friends, and wondered if Bob and I wanted to tag along. I think she was just being polite and hoped I refuse.

At one point she said to me, and I quote, "Oh, you're still in school?"

I made a conscious effort to look her in the eye, but it was FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE. What the hell? I would look at her, and strain to keep my eyes on hers, but it was SO FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE. FUCK!

She knows how to program. She talked about an AI project she did in LISP. What the fuck? A good looking programmer girl? I don't lie.

That's about it. My rational side knows she was just being nice, but I still hope and pray for the one-in-a-million chance that she wants me. I told Bob how I feel, and he said he'd tell me if she says anything to him. Until Monday, I guess.

Birthday cake?! :::::rage::::: I never get birthday cake!! It's a travesty!!! I specifically requested a Mike Armstong birthday cake this month. I stood in line long enough to read The Tao of BGP in its entirety just to have my notarized papers processed. July 9th rolls around, and do I fucking get my Mike Armstrong cake? NO!


I left work two hours early yesterday because I was sick, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to resist curling up in a fetal position under my desk. So I drove home saying "Fuck!" a lot (I was actually biting the seat belt), took two Ibuprofens, and went to bed with a James Ellroy book. Nilla wafers and water for lunch.

Today I must return the Fight Club DVD to its rightful owner before I leave town. For this I am sad...but will buy it today. Aside from that, I'll probably just read some more Ellroy before going back into work again.

Can you stand the excitement, people?

Speaking of work, the person who recently started sitting right across the cube wall from me douses herself thoroughly in perfume every morning. And she talks about her baby. Not to me. I don't really talk - and certainly not about babies. She talks to the other woman who started sitting two cubes down. Blah blah blah blah blah. Does he fuss? Who cares?

Y slept for about 18 hours. What a freak.

Long flight to Vega$ Monday, and what am I doing? Looking up the recent FAA fines and fatal crashes since the 70s for the airline. Sheesh. One of the AirSafe.com's top ten safety tips is "keep your wits about you."

Prickle-Prickle, day 57 of Confusion, YOLD: 3166 (Future)::

so this is what it's like to be alive. another early morning typing up some more useless drivel in the vain attempt that someone will actually    care to read, to have an insight into my life. another day unemployed.
another day wishing that i didn't have to borrow bus fare from my girlfriend, the one person on this dirtball that i'd be even less without. at    least it's the weekend, i don't have to deal with the useless instructors at my school.
maybe if i rob a bank. or if i could just finish something, i always lose my faith in the middle of creating. this is weird, everyone says that i    whine and complain and that it's all about self-esteem but i don't feel that way. i just feel lost.


i don't mean to be this way. is it my fault that i can't stop thinking? that i can't sleep?

so here i am. where are you? do you care about me? probably not.

this will more than likely be downvoted. i don't care.

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13:25 BST

Got up at a silly time (8am) and took some bottles and cans to be recycled. Observations: Sainsbury's (the local supermarket) was packed, even at that early hour, and carrying 4 large shopping bags full of hooch bottles and lager cans makes me look like an alcholic. It's really quite sunny out, but there's a cool easterly breeze blowing which makes it a lot colder. I must watch out for sunburn - just because it's cool doesn't mean the sun is any less strong.


I've finaly started on my garden reorganisation project. I've just spent the past hour lifting paving slabs in readiness for a new flower border. Unfortunately, I now have a bad back. :(

I've already gotten 2 anonymous phonecalls today; I think that I will change my number. My mother says that I shouldn't give in, but I'm willing to pay for the number change so I have the least amount of hassle.

Many people at work have gone off to Bath to see some friends that used to work in our department. I'm a little sad that I didn't get invited, but I did join the project a little late so I'm not a full part of the social group.

In the UK, MTV2 has request hours - a viewer chooses loads of songs from MTV2's website. I wanted to do this, but the website requires Flash. Flash crashes Netscape under Linux 3 times out of 5 for me.

This is why I hate Microsoft and Macromedia - They represent that stupid corporate attitude that it's somehow possible to make more money from a closed standard. That may be the case in the short term, but long term other platforms appear (Linux). These corporates always think about protecting their current revenue, rather than creating new ones. What is it about executives that makes them blind to the fact that 90% of 1000 million is less that 20% of 10,000 million? How many businesses have almost folded because their marketing director acted to protect their current business model rather than embracing a new one?

Gah, I hate corporations. We should all be wearing flowers in our hair, dancing naked in forests and never owning anything. Although I'd still want a PC. :)

It's entirely possible I will add stuff later.

Woke in a blur today at around 11:00 am and said "OK. it's time to clean this sty." So i did. I got my guitar back from the store yesterday after being setup, and now it's all shiny and well playing. whee.

It's hamster bong's birthday. Sing for her. Mine is in 11 days. Start warming up. That is all.

Woke at 5am. I'm still on london time you see. Ugly, ugly thing to be awake so early. But it did have one advatage. Everyone else was asleep. And so there was finally a time in my life when i was not being constantly poked, proded, questioned, yelled at, snickered at, and generally made into a doormat. I enjoyed it. Then they all woke up and I went out on my bike. Now I'm here, noding away.

The novelty of my vanity assumes that I am proud for the first time, that I had somehow gone through life trodden down and exiled and low in self-motivation. It was instead misguided, misfired and untraceable. It is only now that I am following the bread crumb trail that leads to home.

Your bravado is embarrassing. I had always poured that line, taken from the movie Reality Bites, through several filters to make sense of it. That you are not fooling as many people as you'd like to with your monologues about how your life is going, that you are more transparent than you would prefer. I have been on the giving and the receiving ends of such bravado, and it isn't any better on either side.

There are questions inside of me and there are questions being imposed on me from the outside, by other people, some by what they ask directly and others by what is omitted. It is like when someone asks you for spare change. They have to know you have some, so why do they ask? And when you tell them you don't have any, they know you do but you're just not going to give them any, but still you are understood. Something has been conveyed from underneath the words said, and, while we would prefer this not go on among people we claim have been invited into a sphere of intimate knowledge, it happens every day to each of us, even from the act of omission of any words at all. Someone's silence can convey almost more than their words, or the aversion to certain topics, whether subconscious or deliberate, is also saying something.

With all of these layers, it is almost impossible to require only a handful of them from people and discard the rest because of what you would prefer, to deny that the layers exist, even if you choose to not use them. And yet I am attempting this every day, often failing, often feeling incomplete by even trying.

It will always amaze me that we are able to communicate to one another at all, that anything we say or don't say, is ever understood as best as it could be. That, through all these hoops, there is predictability, there is friendship and love and understanding. That, for all the cries for evolution, humans have not managed to weed this out from their DNA.

00:06 BST tomorrow

Tremendously busy day at work today. The garage was full of people going to watch the golf at St. Andrews. Meaning that I was serving like mad all shift. On top of that, the shift started at 06:30, meaning I got up at 05:30. Which, as some daylog readers might notice, is closer to the time I normally go to bed than get up. Still, I was quite bright when I started my shift, more so than I normally am around nineish - must be my circadian rhythms fault, I suppose.

In fact, thinking about it, whenever I stay up all night, when it turns about 06:00, and I think "I really should go to bed", I wake up quite a bit, and become much more bright and breezy. On a similar note, tonight around 21:00 - 22:00 I became really tired, but now I feel much more awake. Though still knackered, and needing to go to bed.

And the reason I'm knackered? Well, getting up at 05:30 meant that I had to try to go to bed earlier than usual. Of course, I couldn't get to sleep then. So I got sod all sleep last night, then did a shift at the garage - afterwards I did a few hours programming work. All in all a knackering day. I'm so knackered (I like that word, can you tell?) that I can't write up much more of this.

And so to bed.

00:50 tomorrow

Okay, I've not managed to pull myself away from e2 and go to bed yet. I just remembered something funny that happened today. I was on the phone with he who I will be going on my india trip with. Well, more accurately, I tried to phone him, and left a message on his answering service that my passport had come back with my Visa in it. He then phones me to tell me that he hadn't realised that your Visa was in your passport (never having needed a visa before, he thought they were seperate), and when he listened to my message, and I said that part, he immediately ran off to check his passport. It brought a smile to my lips anyway.

Maybe blood sugar is a key to me waking up and feeling like getting out of bed; or maybe I need a short nap in the afternoon. Maybe it's the difference between a regular workday and the skeleton crew conditions of a weekend. Maybe it's the suprising liberty of having finally closed a number of little worries that have nagged me all year. Whatever, I wake with the alarm at 6AM, I'm at work by 6:55, full of delicious coffee cake and home-brewed coffee.
My boss isn't there to blindside me with ad hoc research requests, no distraction as I take an hour or two to review last week's events and next week's plans. There's a bit of a snag on one production line, but I have the process engineer/production manager's undivided, unharried attention. He fascinates me for an hour with tidbits of info about the interactions of adhesives, catalysts, solvents, polyesters, vinyls, oils, and water. I'm tempted to ask him if he could recommend an accessible text on the subject, but I figure "yeah, a course text for a material science course, BO-RING". It's like serendipity or something when he says, "I have a seminar binder on this, ya wanna borrow it?" Well, cool, a bare essentials skeleton of pressure-sensitive material design. My former boss gives me some tips on coping with HIS former boss, and his wife offers to pimp me out to her sister. Around all this, I get a satisfying amount of work done. Even the PICK server is responsive, with no other users logged in. I am a resource hog.
Home: smoke a little, work on node audit.
No work today. I now feel as if my summer is being wasted.

Having killed off numerous Male Elven Wizards in NetHack, I get the feeling I should RTFM a little more and figure out why I keep dying of starvation while trying to find a stairway downstairs.

I finally realized why proftpd doesn't like to run... inetd controls the port. Huh. All the better, though, I can control access to my computer easier if everything goes through inetd.

Sadly, I have nothing emotional to say. I've bitched about work, whined about needing a network, that sort beforehand. Any regular daylog readers are probably getting tired of that by now.

Today an important little package showed up on my doorstep. The minute my sister put the thick priority mail envelope in my hand I knew what it was.

My degree.

For the past seven years I have been struggling through college. I've failed out of one college and have attended three other colleges part time, and I finally earned enough credit to get an associates degree. I've known that I was getting my degree for two months, I finished the required credits in the middle of May. But to have it in my hand was a feeling like none other. It came in a binder, with the seal of Regents College on the front. I held it for quite a while after taking it out of the envelope.

It was my newborn that I wasn't quite ready to share with any one else yet.

But I eventually slid it back into the envelope, and stowed it in my room, carefully analyzing each space for safety. I wouldn't want a drink to spill on it, or heat from a TV or other appliance to damage it. (Yes, I am acting like an overprotective new mother.) I will get a frame for it, hang it on my wall above my computer. But for now it's enough that I have it. I did it, my accomplishment. I've been striving torwards this for years and it arrived in an unassuming envelope, with out ceremony. And I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Because it is not my destination, merely a mile marker on the journey.

So I move on, knowing I am that much closer to my bachelors degree, and whatever else I choose. All my life I've let my dreams guide me. And this just tells me that I'm on the right track, I can see what lies ahead.

Can't hardly wait.

Impatience requires me to push the Dr. Pepper button continuously until my soda drops. I know it's coming yet I can't stop pushing that damn button.

I went to Starbucks for the second night in a row. I know, I know, you all hate the evil Starbucks. But I don't. In fact, I like it a lot! We always sit outside and smoke up a storm while watching people walk by. We also bitch about our jobs.

Keyboards are different everywhere you go. I hate having to adjust to the difference in height and ease of pushing in the keys. Which reminds me, I watched Pushing Tin the other day. It was pretty good. But then again, I love John Cusack and all of his movies.

I'm sitting here in the computerlab at St Rose. It was in this very lab that I got MarilynM hooked on phonics (and E2). Pretty cool huh? Ok, not really but it was something to write.

Your momma's on my lips. Your momma's on my lips. This one lyric keeps popping into my head at the most imconvieent time. I suppose it's better than: This is the Tom Green Show, it's not the Green Tom Show. Although it is pretty funny how you can end up really messing up the order of the words after singing it a million times. I find myself singing this is the Green Tom Show, it's not the Green Tom Show after singing it about a million times. But at 1:30AM the funniest version that I have come up with is: This Show aint the Green Tom, it's the Tom Green Show.

While I was at Starbucks tonight I was trying to convince MarilynM to start a book review webpage. I think she would really enjoy it and she has really great opinions. But she won't do it, she says it would take too much time. I think she's fucking nuts, but that's ok, I will just bug her about incessantly. No, not incestuously, incessantly. Although, I suppose I could talk to her sister...hmm...

Well I don't really have much interesting things to say tonight, not unlike most other nights. I guess that's it for now. Ok I love you, buh bye!!

Btw, in nethack I always find it cool if I can get ahold of a wand of create monster and then when I am starting to get really really hungry I just zap it and kill the thing and eat it. Also, I don't know if this really works but it seems to work for me, I get my god used to me praying often and then he doesn't get so pissed when I pray just cos I am hungry. But I'm no expert on nethack:)
So I moved into my new Victorian flat in Alameda today. A friend in need is a friend indeed; of all the people I know in the Bay Area, just one came to help me. Someone I hadn't even met in person, too. She helped out a lot and as a result of that and some amazing yard sale luck, all flat occupants have something to sleep on tonight. I found some lavender wildflowers in the backyard, in addition to the pumpkins already growing there, and spotted several patches of vibrant clover. People who had to go around Jen's car to continue walking on the sidewalk were friendly about it, some even chatted, and a frail elderly man, when I apologized, said, "I can't help you, but I gonna make sure you get it down okay." Guess he was going to call for help if the mattress fell on us as we slid it down from the car. Driving 880 with a huge mattress and box springs on top was quite an experience, but we did it, even roped the stuff onto the car ourselves; two women who never did learn knots in Girl Scouts. Had the first hot home-cooked meal I've had since the end of May. It wasn't fancy, but it was good, and we ate it in our new home. And I've been wanting a shawl to put over my arms (it gets chilly here)--I got a large pure silk scarf at an estate sale: beautiful, perfect and cheap. I got to have a delightful conversation with Jen. We talked about friends and lovers and life and Weird Al and Jen's lovely Mackintosh Art Nouveau tattoo and motorcycles and Starrynight. It was nice to talk to someone besides my flatmate, with whom I've been on the road for seven weeks. Jen even offered me a job if the museum one doesn't work out.

There's not really a point here. It was just a day unimportant to anyone but myself, full of tiny triumphs and small pleasures. It was a very good day. Here's to the next year, in the House with the Disappearing Stairs.
Today, my computer died.
The old Gigabyte 5AX motherboard succumbed to the ravages of time, dust and constant tweaking. Usually after working on the machine, when it refuses to boot past POST, I'll simply turn it off, go read for a bit, come back and it'll simply work. Last time however, the secondary IDE controller burned out. This time, it gives me beep codes and doesnt even initialize the video card.

I'm currently noding from a Frankensteinian system that I kludged together from the remains of my old system, a 1GB WD hard drive and an old Chaintech motherboard. I had to underclock the 533mhz K6-2 to 200mhz to get it to work correctly, and it crashes every half hour, but until I can resurrect my old system, it's home.

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Everything's Best Users Snapshot

   #   Users                   XP   wa7   inc Level   l_XP l_wa7
   1   EDB                  20017     1     0     1  20017     1
   2   Pseudo_Intellectual  19943   150   180    11  19763   145
   3   DMan                 17885    91  -107     9  17992   124
   4   dem bones            15879    82    29    11  15850    91
   5   Saige                13013   117   101    11  12912   120
   6   Segnbora-t           12980   102   102    10  12878   102
   7   sensei               10503   126   149     7  10354   122
   8   dannye               10277   108    74     9  10203   114
   9   tregoweth             9576    73    35    10   9541    79
  10   pukesick              9557    12    24    10   9533    10
  11   Deborah909            8850    42    69    10   8781    37
  12   ideath                8696    71     6     8   8690    82
  13   Lometa                8467    76    59     9   8408    79
  14   N-Wing                8178    25    16     9   8162    26
  15 * Tem42                 8116    80    79     8   8037    80
  16 - JeffMagnus            8096    81     6    10   8090    93
  17   knifegirl             8005    45     2     9   8003    52
  18   yossarian             7996    45     1     9   7995    52
  19   Jet-Poop              7909    21    14     9   7895    22
  20   /dev/joe              7883    52    71     8   7812    49
  21   jessicapierce         7510   -12    -4    10   7514   -13
  22   moJoe                 7458    72   133     9   7325    62
  23   bozon                 7302    77     3     9   7299    89
  24   pingouin              7268    25    37     9   7231    23
  25   ModernAngel           7154    35    17     9   7137    38
  26   General Wesc          7073    41    26     9   7047    43
  27   hoopy_frood           6878    46    67     8   6811    43
  28 * juliet                6624    94    85     9   6539    96
  29 - Sylvar                6570    71    17     7   6553    80
  30   novalis               6153    19     2     9   6151    22
  31   hamster bong          6112    80    70     6   6042    82
  32   Templeton             5995    65    30     6   5965    71
  33 * alex.tan              5643    38    65     7   5578    34
  34 - Uberfetus             5621    26     3     6   5618    30
  35   sabre23t              5593    55    75     7   5518    52
  36   bitter_engineer       5241    29     2     8   5239    33
  37   wharfinger            5212    61    21     6   5191    68
  38   nine9                 5087    14    13     9   5074    14
  39   RockLobster           5055     5     0     9   5055     6
  40   yam                   5012     9     1     7   5011    10
  41   kessenich             4810    26    27     9   4783    26
  42   ariels                4760    25    55     8   4705    20
  43   Orange Julius         4632    66    73     7   4559    65
  44   CaptainSpam           4524    43     8     9   4516    49
  45 * Dis                   4477    62    49     6   4428    64
  46 - Sarcasmo              4463     8    23     8   4440     5
  47   Lord Brawl            4459    42    55     8   4404    40
  48   knarph                4346     9     3     9   4343    10
  49   mat catastrophe       4295    78    66     7   4229    80
  50   themusic              4263    31    42     8   4221    29
  51   hatless               4219    36    23     8   4196    38

   *   EBU #51               4219    44    23     *   4196    48

Server time: 14:31 Sat Jul 22 2000 UTC, corrected since June 29, 2000

* = users rising up in the EBU; - = users falling down in the EBU
l_ = last (previous) value; inc = increase in stats value
wa7 = ((stats + (6 * l_wa7))/7) = weighted average with denominator 7

sabre23t: Random Nodes

That was the third day at the new place, hence this late writeup. :-(

sabre23t: Nodes to node

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