Impatience requires me to push the Dr. Pepper button continuously until my soda drops. I know it's coming yet I can't stop pushing that damn button.

I went to Starbucks for the second night in a row. I know, I know, you all hate the evil Starbucks. But I don't. In fact, I like it a lot! We always sit outside and smoke up a storm while watching people walk by. We also bitch about our jobs.

Keyboards are different everywhere you go. I hate having to adjust to the difference in height and ease of pushing in the keys. Which reminds me, I watched Pushing Tin the other day. It was pretty good. But then again, I love John Cusack and all of his movies.

I'm sitting here in the computerlab at St Rose. It was in this very lab that I got MarilynM hooked on phonics (and E2). Pretty cool huh? Ok, not really but it was something to write.

Your momma's on my lips. Your momma's on my lips. This one lyric keeps popping into my head at the most imconvieent time. I suppose it's better than: This is the Tom Green Show, it's not the Green Tom Show. Although it is pretty funny how you can end up really messing up the order of the words after singing it a million times. I find myself singing this is the Green Tom Show, it's not the Green Tom Show after singing it about a million times. But at 1:30AM the funniest version that I have come up with is: This Show aint the Green Tom, it's the Tom Green Show.

While I was at Starbucks tonight I was trying to convince MarilynM to start a book review webpage. I think she would really enjoy it and she has really great opinions. But she won't do it, she says it would take too much time. I think she's fucking nuts, but that's ok, I will just bug her about incessantly. No, not incestuously, incessantly. Although, I suppose I could talk to her sister...hmm...

Well I don't really have much interesting things to say tonight, not unlike most other nights. I guess that's it for now. Ok I love you, buh bye!!

Btw, in nethack I always find it cool if I can get ahold of a wand of create monster and then when I am starting to get really really hungry I just zap it and kill the thing and eat it. Also, I don't know if this really works but it seems to work for me, I get my god used to me praying often and then he doesn't get so pissed when I pray just cos I am hungry. But I'm no expert on nethack:)