Hot!Hot!Hot! is all I can say about today. All was well here until two o'clock while I was fixing dinner. Corn bread, red beans and rice, then the nausea and dry heaves started. I ended up in Urgent Care for a shot and some fluids. Still a little groggy, but feel much better. The A/C being out at the gym Tuesday, combined with having the water turned off most of the day Wednesday working on the sinks and toilets (without water to the swamp cooler the house heats up very quickly) led to a good case of heat sickness. Stiil went for my walk though!

Hubby came home tonight saying his older borther just got a job making twice as much as he does and his younger brother just paid cash for a brand new car. I reminded him that they don't have children which makes a big difference. I would rather have my boys instead of a new car. He's called for the application for the Post Office/Government Job. I hope he gives it a try.

Howard Mumma has been absent from gym class for quite a while. I saw him once when he returned from Virginia complaining that one of the Episcopalian Seminary students he was going to be lecturing on Albert Camus and The Minister, mentioned to him that they were getting a live mummy from Arizona for a teacher. Oh boy! I can imagine what Howard said. His wife recently fell and broke her hip so he has been with her. He joked that he had to leave early because "the therapist has fallen in love with my wife and I have to go keep an eye on him!"

Happy Birthday hamster bong!!

At the Table

Jesus took the cup, and after giving thanks he gave it to them saying, "Drink from it, all of you."
- Matthew 26:27 (NRSV)