This past Thursday I had lunch with a coworker and his friend, who happens to be an unattached-hot-smart-funny-Chinese girl.

Here are the highlights of the episode:

The Tuesday before, said girl (I'm going to call her Kelly) called our office to talk to said coworker (who I will call Bob.) Since Bob wasn't in at the moment I had the opportunity to talk with Kelly about Bob's absent state, and that she should call back in a few minutes. When Bob returned I mentioned that Kelly called, and that she sounded cute. This information was relayed to Kelly, who now knows that I said she sounded cute. I hear no mention of her saying I sounded cute.

Thursday, I drive Bob and myself to her office. As Kelly steps out of the building, it suddenly dawns on me that an attractive Chinese girl is about to sit in my car. I panic. Bob offers to sit in the back. I start saying something like "uh.. err.. no.. ack.. she'll be.. uh.. front.. wait.. crap!", but it's too late. Bob gets in the back, and Kelly sits down next to me. My mind is blank. I think I said hi or something.. all I remember is seeing her in the front seat, and having a distinct failure to breathe.

I compose myself and drive us to lunch. We end up at a deli where I unwittingly order the sloppiest sandwich on the menu. Each bite gets shit all over my mouth and after the first half it's all over my hands. Great impression. I decided to take the last half back to the office, and save myself from further humiliation.

Awhile into the meal, she asked me what my name was again. DOH!

At least she thinks Jason is a good name... she knows a lot of cool Jasons. And now she knows "a lot" + 0 cool Jasons.

She mentioned some activities she wanted to do with friends, and wondered if Bob and I wanted to tag along. I think she was just being polite and hoped I refuse.

At one point she said to me, and I quote, "Oh, you're still in school?"

I made a conscious effort to look her in the eye, but it was FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE. What the hell? I would look at her, and strain to keep my eyes on hers, but it was SO FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE. FUCK!

She knows how to program. She talked about an AI project she did in LISP. What the fuck? A good looking programmer girl? I don't lie.

That's about it. My rational side knows she was just being nice, but I still hope and pray for the one-in-a-million chance that she wants me. I told Bob how I feel, and he said he'd tell me if she says anything to him. Until Monday, I guess.