00:06 BST tomorrow

Tremendously busy day at work today. The garage was full of people going to watch the golf at St. Andrews. Meaning that I was serving like mad all shift. On top of that, the shift started at 06:30, meaning I got up at 05:30. Which, as some daylog readers might notice, is closer to the time I normally go to bed than get up. Still, I was quite bright when I started my shift, more so than I normally am around nineish - must be my circadian rhythms fault, I suppose.

In fact, thinking about it, whenever I stay up all night, when it turns about 06:00, and I think "I really should go to bed", I wake up quite a bit, and become much more bright and breezy. On a similar note, tonight around 21:00 - 22:00 I became really tired, but now I feel much more awake. Though still knackered, and needing to go to bed.

And the reason I'm knackered? Well, getting up at 05:30 meant that I had to try to go to bed earlier than usual. Of course, I couldn't get to sleep then. So I got sod all sleep last night, then did a shift at the garage - afterwards I did a few hours programming work. All in all a knackering day. I'm so knackered (I like that word, can you tell?) that I can't write up much more of this.

And so to bed.

00:50 tomorrow

Okay, I've not managed to pull myself away from e2 and go to bed yet. I just remembered something funny that happened today. I was on the phone with he who I will be going on my india trip with. Well, more accurately, I tried to phone him, and left a message on his answering service that my passport had come back with my Visa in it. He then phones me to tell me that he hadn't realised that your Visa was in your passport (never having needed a visa before, he thought they were seperate), and when he listened to my message, and I said that part, he immediately ran off to check his passport. It brought a smile to my lips anyway.