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13:25 BST

Got up at a silly time (8am) and took some bottles and cans to be recycled. Observations: Sainsbury's (the local supermarket) was packed, even at that early hour, and carrying 4 large shopping bags full of hooch bottles and lager cans makes me look like an alcholic. It's really quite sunny out, but there's a cool easterly breeze blowing which makes it a lot colder. I must watch out for sunburn - just because it's cool doesn't mean the sun is any less strong.


I've finaly started on my garden reorganisation project. I've just spent the past hour lifting paving slabs in readiness for a new flower border. Unfortunately, I now have a bad back. :(

I've already gotten 2 anonymous phonecalls today; I think that I will change my number. My mother says that I shouldn't give in, but I'm willing to pay for the number change so I have the least amount of hassle.

Many people at work have gone off to Bath to see some friends that used to work in our department. I'm a little sad that I didn't get invited, but I did join the project a little late so I'm not a full part of the social group.

In the UK, MTV2 has request hours - a viewer chooses loads of songs from MTV2's website. I wanted to do this, but the website requires Flash. Flash crashes Netscape under Linux 3 times out of 5 for me.

This is why I hate Microsoft and Macromedia - They represent that stupid corporate attitude that it's somehow possible to make more money from a closed standard. That may be the case in the short term, but long term other platforms appear (Linux). These corporates always think about protecting their current revenue, rather than creating new ones. What is it about executives that makes them blind to the fact that 90% of 1000 million is less that 20% of 10,000 million? How many businesses have almost folded because their marketing director acted to protect their current business model rather than embracing a new one?

Gah, I hate corporations. We should all be wearing flowers in our hair, dancing naked in forests and never owning anything. Although I'd still want a PC. :)

It's entirely possible I will add stuff later.