I have been to Twilo once. It was my first "clubbing" night ever. I have lived in New York City all my life. And I finally visited Twilo two days before I moved to Chicago.

I always shied away from trance music. But my senior year roommate loved it, and I was slowly introduced to it by him. One day I get a call that he is coming in to see Digweed and Sasha at Twilo and that I am coming with him.

We got there at ten. We got in at eleven. We left at ten the next morning.

The scene on the line was filled with talk of all the undercover cops around, how it was being shut down soon and all (that sad time has finally come, by the way). Anyway we got in and I was hooked. I always talk about that night in the same way. For some reason, I was dry as a bone the whole night. I think I had one beer. And I absolutely loved it. I danced, I danced my face off, and I danced some more. Since that night I have been increasingly into the trance and club scene, which is quite alive here in Chicago.

I don't know if I would have been so hooked if my first club experience had not been at the hands of Diggers and Sasha. At Twilo no less. But in their skilled tutelage, I was given a view of how amazing this scene can be. I have experienced few nights that have compared to that first night, at Twilo, dancing my heart out, in awe of the music pumping through the incredible soundsystem and excited to have found a whole new world of music and people to explore.

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