DJ Dan has been called "America's favorite DJ" by Urb Magazine. For ravers across the country he is a household name. He has been praised by DJs like Pete Tong, Donald Glaude, the Freestylers and Keoki. He spins everything from techno to funky disco house. His love for music has pushed him to the top in the dance and electronic music industry.

Dan is from Olympia, Washington and is one of nine brothers and sisters. As an early teenager he began mixing his own tapes and designing clothes. His artistic ability scored him an acceptance to Seattle's prestigious Thomas Edison School of Design. There he graduated the top of his class. He still had not begun true DJing at this time. However he attended his first rave in 1991. After attending the rave, he put his design career on hold and "Something flipped," he recalls. "I realized my true calling. I knew this was something I must do." He was going to start his music DJ career. Within one year he had taught himself scratching, mixing, and every other part of DJing. And by 1992 he teamed up with DJ Ron D Core from LA. He spun his first rave in 1992 in Los Angeles. Dan became famous amongst the Southern California ravers fairly quickly. As the rave scene calmed down in LA, DJ Ron D Core and DJ Dan stared their own after hours club that became popular over night. Dan however missed spinning at true raves. Hearing about the San Francisco rave scene Dan quickly moved up north and became a resident with Funky Tekno Tribe. "Those were the best parties ever," Dan once said. After gaining success with FTT, XL Records picked him up and signed him. Here he started a friendship with Carl Cox (another great DJ). Carl Cox became an inspiration to Dan. They are still friends to this day and Dan even spins with Cox once a month in New York at Twilo. DJ Dan is amazing for his character and talent and his music is appreciated around the world. "I got into this," says Dan, "because I love how people unite on the dance floor, bringing their own energy and excitement. So, I never turn my back on the crowd."

The albums that he has released are "Funk the System", "Urb Mix Vol. 2", "Loose Caboose", "Beats4Freaks", and "Another Late Night."

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