Superstar DJ Keoki Franconi. Artist known almost as much for his ego and attitude as for his music. That said, he's absolutely amazing live. Sell your pacifier necklace if you need to, but get tickets when he plays live. You must. His live style is a skillful trance. His CDs are very different, but still enjoyable. The early ones are good, if somewhat cheesy, but his Ego-Trip album is a masterpiece. He's got some vibe, fans and people who hate him, but I don't know much or care about that; just listen to the music. From the Moonshine Music label.


Journeys By DJ: Keoki (1994)
All Mixed Up (1995)
The Transatlantic Move (1996)
Disco Death Race 2000 (1996) Own it; loads of fun
Ego-Trip (1997) Own it; Stunning
Altered-Ego-Trip (1998) Own it; not really worth it
Inevitable Alien Nation (1998) Own it; trippy lyrics and samples but not favorite
DJ Mixed.Com (2000)

Ironically (given the above writeup), Keoki really is an ass -- given that Keoki is also the anthropomorphic donkey mascot of the Big Island Coffee Company, purveyors of coffee grown near the town of Kailua-Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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