Keoki - Moonshine Music - 1997.

A great album of techno by DJ Keoki. Trippy samples, wicked beats, a distinct sense of identity for each track while the album weaves itself among them to create a whole. A concept album for ravers. The great thing about the album is the originality. It's not trance, borrowing from while going far beyond the constraints, and it's new. Keoki made the music on the CD, instead of borrowing other artists' and remixing it as so many albums do. It's a great piece of art, and proves Keoki's worth as a musician as well as a DJ. While every track is valuable, I'm especially fond of Wicked, Crash, Blow and Majick, and Space is one of my favorite songs ever. For a great remix of the Majick track, see DJ Micro's Micro-Tech-Mix. I'd advise staying away from the remix of this album, Altered-Ego-Trip, as the majority of the songs are lacking, and even the better ones fail to grab the attention as well as the original.

1. Madness
2. Wicked
3. Me

5. Blow
6. Majick
7. Space
8. Ego Trip
9. Catepillar

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