Mama's little baby loves rhubarb, rhubarb,
Bebop-a-rebop Rhubarb Pie!

Bebop-a-rebop rhubarb pie and Bebop-a-rebop frozen rhubarb pie filling.
One of the fictitious sponsors of A Prairie Home Companion on American Public Media, complete with its own jingle. The jingle is usually preceded by a dramatic sketch written by Garrison Keillor and featuring Sue Scott and Tim Russell or Tom Keith, in which the protagonist gets into progressively more embarassing situations, ending with this line from Keillor:
Yes, nothing gets the taste of humiliation out of your mouth like a piece of rhubarb pie.

(Sing to the tune of Shortnin' Bread):
One little thing can revive a guy,
And that is home-made rhubarb pie.
Serve it up, nice and hot.
Maybe things aren't as bad as you thought.

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