Birthday cake?! :::::rage::::: I never get birthday cake!! It's a travesty!!! I specifically requested a Mike Armstong birthday cake this month. I stood in line long enough to read The Tao of BGP in its entirety just to have my notarized papers processed. July 9th rolls around, and do I fucking get my Mike Armstrong cake? NO!


I left work two hours early yesterday because I was sick, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to resist curling up in a fetal position under my desk. So I drove home saying "Fuck!" a lot (I was actually biting the seat belt), took two Ibuprofens, and went to bed with a James Ellroy book. Nilla wafers and water for lunch.

Today I must return the Fight Club DVD to its rightful owner before I leave town. For this I am sad...but will buy it today. Aside from that, I'll probably just read some more Ellroy before going back into work again.

Can you stand the excitement, people?

Speaking of work, the person who recently started sitting right across the cube wall from me douses herself thoroughly in perfume every morning. And she talks about her baby. Not to me. I don't really talk - and certainly not about babies. She talks to the other woman who started sitting two cubes down. Blah blah blah blah blah. Does he fuss? Who cares?

Y slept for about 18 hours. What a freak.

Long flight to Vega$ Monday, and what am I doing? Looking up the recent FAA fines and fatal crashes since the 70s for the airline. Sheesh. One of the's top ten safety tips is "keep your wits about you."