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  • Took a day off, so sue me :)

March 08, 2001


March 09, 2001

Killed: Nothing, since the E2 server seems to take 3 minutes between page refreshes. That, coupled with the votes not resetting again, indicates to me that it's a vacation day.

March 10, 2001


March 11-13, 2001


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March 19-21, 2001

Dannye thought you should have the opportunity to go over your old nodes (especially clicking on lowest reputation first). Why risk losing 5XP over something that you wrote ages ago in a drunken stupor?

March 24, 2001


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March 26-27, 2001


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March 31, 2001


If you have questions or comments, please /msg rancid_pickle.
Wondering why your node was killed by an Editor? Visit and read E2 FAQ: What NOT To Do.
* means user never logged on to E2.

These are all my editing sessions for the month of March. /msg me with complaints, suggestions and Persian Blue kittens.

I was happily slacking in Hermosillo, and while mibarra was convincing Sonorans of the excellence of PERL, the dangers of excessively permissive NFS shares and in the inherent goodness of EMACS, I axed:

chouky by Cermain, the reason being Don't make shit up, particularly if it is not funny shit.

Mon Mar 5 18:42:01 CST 2001

Today the net sucked really really bad. I have the feeling that Telmex once again poured huitlacoche into one of their routers.

Mon Mar 5 23:22:22 CST 2001

  • baroque by benj because: import from E1, just a see also.
  • baroque by Tabs because: information free (NB: "Harpsichord kicks ass", wow, how insightful)
  • cheesy pick-up lines by boodhakhan because: Like we needed a definition of a cheesy pick up line. (NB: Most of the node sucks)
  • eksil by freddy4love because: "Another misspelt word." was the whole WU content. (NB: this gives a new depth to the NFN concept)

Little hamster-shaped cookies of appreciation to Xamot for noding baroque in response to my pleading.

Tue Mar 6 22:07:55 CST 2001

This should not be just a log of destruction. I would like to mention the excellent Urban Geography of Vancouver, BC by pseudo_intellectual. He said this, which I liked enough to save it here:

I figure so many of us are ignoring the topic about which we know the most and about which the rest of us here know nothing... every aspect of every inhabited area has interesting stories associated with it. It's only through the undertaking of a project such as this that I'm provided the framework to systematically share all these stories in all their glorious cross-referentiality 8)
Plus I figure it's a handy reference for people who want to visit or might even be considering moving here 8)
now of course I've thrown the gauntlet; if you truly appreciate what I'm doing you owe it to us and to yourself to contribute similar information based on your location. 8)

Coolness distilled: I was a prisoner in a Mexican whorehouse. Embarassing honesty, well written, a good story.

Wed Mar 14 00:45:10 CST 2001

fixed some typos in Nikon FG.
fixed jwz: X Selections, X Cut Buffers, and Emacs Kill Rings, grievously broken because of huge PRE block, generated by sucky cut-and-paste technique.

Thu Mar 15 00:19:44 CST 2001

Today, for reasons unknown, for some minutes I was not able to delete nodes. This made me feel unworthy. But now all is fine.
User nonexistent is eminently axworthy.
Glory ! mdwyer wrote a good WU on Phillips screwdriver !

Thu Mar 15 22:56:00 CST 2001

  • spinal cord by BorisVian because: deleted without penalty, in agreement with user: the WU has been moved to syringomyelia, where it fits better
  • school by Jim71 because: fucked up grammar, thoroughly unpleasant (NB: ¡THOUGHTCRIME!)
  • Europe by cpwright because: superficial (I mean, a one-liner about Europe ?) (NB: superseded by Uberfetus' excellent WU)
  • Zulu by loose_cannon because: "Kick ass language spoken around Southern Africa ... Waaaay better than afrikaans." (NB: I nuked it because I could not bear the profundity)
  • Blink182 by barney_5bb because: E1 remain, little info, superseded
  • Blink182 by tftv256 because: two lines, two flames (NB: adieu)
  • war by umquam because: "War is simply a bad translation of the message of peace" (NB: Again, too much profundity made my head hurt)

I am an army of one is good.

Mon Mar 19 21:36:00 CST 2001

Just noded filter. This could be the start of another sequence of insanely boring photography writeups.
We need a good silicone writeup. And a good Aeneid writeup.
the insomnia node is in great need of an editor inspection.
I don't hate qbert, in fact I don't hate any noder.
ROTFL of the day: How to urinate standing up

Fri Mar 23 00:07:18 CST 2001

I propose that the collective noun for E2 editors be "fesnyng". After all we are not unlike ferrets: hyperactive, inquisitive and dedicated to destruction.
Nodes that need work: Laurie Anderson

Here endeth the month of March. More editorial activities and destruction under: Editor Log: April 2001.

Thank you, sleeping wolf!

Sleeping Wolf has provided us with a wonderful tool, currently available NOT WORKING DUE TO SOME E2 CHANGES at, which lets an Editor read one or more users' 50 lowest rated writeups all at once, with a killer checkbox by each one. When the page (a form) is submitted, all the WUs that were checked are Killed.

This will allow us to remove a considerable amount of chaff from the nodegel.


  • VAST quantities of garbage not worth my time to describe here.
  • Dreams" the movie by bozon: There's a better writeup at Dreams, which has the advantage of not being typographically screwed.
  • Several mediocre WUs at true love. The topic deserves better treatment.
  • A handful by Shewholaughslast. Let's raise the bar a bit, shall we?


  • A few dozen it's/its errors and broken links.
  • The first WU in source code - trimmed it down to the basics, removed a not very illuminating side comment about open/closed, added some links.
  • Added obvious hardlinks to Mohs hardness scale
In general, I don't feel it necessary to keep an exact log of every typo I fix or every HI THIS IS MY FIRST NODE, THIS IS NEAT. LATERZ, J0EN0D3R writeup I kill.


After much discussion with users at all levels, I have decided to return to filing Editor Logs. It seems the question of editor accountability is of paramount concern to a sufficient number of noders to so warrant.

I will file reports on things that I remove which may affect active users, and were not done by their request. The writeups of fled users will not be logged, not will Title Edit or Deletion requests. Nodeshells will also be removed without explanation.

At the end of each month I will pull the day logs and consolidate them into a single monthly entry. This should reduce the Editor Log as NFN concerns which Wesc, among others, have mentioned.

Writeup Death Log

I killed a profusion of writeups from around April 2000, all of the form "Who wants a noun from the adjective Username?". They were stale, and added no lasting value to the database.

Numerous writeups of the form ... unless you've something stunningly original to say, let people go to the site if they want to know about it.

Also killed about 1/2 dozen E1 era writeups by Sinergy that were duplicated by the work of dear old, senile Webster 1913. Sinergy's writeups seemed to have been copied word for word by Webster, but we'll give the old dude credit and assume it was actually the other way around.

Comments welcome.

Editor Log: March 4, 2001

Editor Log: March 5, 2001

Editor Log: March 7, 2001

Editor Log: March 8, 2001

Editor Log: March 11, 2001

Editor Log: March 15, 2001

Editor Log: March 17, 2001

Editor Log: March 18, 2001

Editor Log: March 19, 2001

Editor Log: March 20, 2001

  • Killed Madrid by chrishl: "The nightlife in Madrid is "de puta madre!".. and this is from a boring english person!"

Editor Log: March 24, 2001

Editor Log: March 25, 2001

Editor Log: March 26, 2001

Editor Log: March 28, 2001

Editor Log: March 29, 2001

Editor Log: March 30, 2001

Notice how I do it by month. This makes it easier to find why your writeup was killed if you don't know the exact date, and it only gets me one writeup per month. No NFN for me!

Everything Editor Logs
March 7, 2001
left full rudder! | right full rudder!

Lesbians! Plagiarism! Google!

Ok, no lesbians. But I'm glad I got your attention, because here's the thing: please don't cut-and-paste stuff and pass it off as your own work. Please. I'll give you a cookie. If that's not enough, howsabout if I come to your house, rip down the door and smear the walls with the steaming blood of your dead nodes? The cookie is better, really.

I'm going to single out our dear active user Malcolm Frink here, because I just killed all of his writeups. All of them.

Of course there were only nine of them, and I am using "his nodes" quite loosely, because they were blatant, textbook cut-and-pastes. I was about to vote up his entry in graph theory1, when I noticed the following near the end: "in another Python Patterns column, I will try to analyze their running speed and improve their performance, at the cost of more code." Sure enough, this was lifted straight from I /msg-ed the user in an attempt to gently explain that we don't look kindly on including stuff without the proper attribution. I got back the following:

Malcolm Frink says Fixed, I know you don't believe me judging from what kind of person you are, so here's a hard link graph theory

When I returned to the node, I found that all he had done was to include a pointer to his own web site, where he had also pasted the text. And now instead of no attribution, he is claiming it's his. Worse, most of the rest of his nodes have specific text at the top that actively proclaim that Mr. Frink wrote the text, eg: "A poem I wrote" or "My thoughts on Columbine". This is about the point that we editors consider taking off and nuking the site from orbit.

Perhaps, you might say, I should give Mr. Frink the benefit of the doubt, since maybe Guido van Rossum, the inventor of Python, could be noding here on E2 under an assumed name. But Mr Frink would then also have to be the Rev. Fr. Charles E. Irvin, M.B.A., M.Div., J.D. of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Manchester, Michigan2, who has an electronic column in which he wrote essays entitled Columbine and Morality and Truth?, both of which were also C&P-ed verbatim. I also killed a couple of other lifts, a rather odd poem in the insomnia node written by a woman named Jenny Bitner, and an essay on Samuel Gompers by Emma Goldman that was published in The Road to Freedom (New York), Vol. 1, March 1925.

Here is the punchline: All of the original sources here were astoundingly easy to verify, thanks to my dear friend Google. It is really, truly amazing: I just copy a passage with some interesting keywords into the search engine text box, hit the button, and up comes the evidence. Google located Mr. Frink's pastework in the top 5 hits 100% of the time, and I wasn't trying especially hard.

So please kids, don't fucking do this. The truth about your nodes is out there.

And sorry about the lesbians decoy thing – next ed log I'll try to throw some live ones in here somewhere.

1It is in fact a nice essay, about using Python to do simple graph-traversing things like shortest-path algorithms. The *original* is at in case you're interested, along with lots of other nice Python essays.

2I am not making this up: I'm dying to meet Rev. Irvin if he in fact has all of those degrees.

A package came for me today.

The small cardboard box was addressed neatly to anotherone. No further address. I noticed that the package was also missing the postage that one would expect. I picked it up off of the doormat. It was light as a feather, but somehow... Reluctant to be brought inside. As if an invisible force kept it ouotside. I fought it, and carried it inside. I set it down on the desk next to my computer and looked at it more closely. It had a note on the back in neat handwriting.

Hey [anotherone], drink this.
            --[dem bones]

I undid the twine that held the package closed. Opening the box revealed a small bottle, topped with a screw off cap. The same handwriting was on the side of the bottle, this time in sharpie.

What do
you think?

Could it be? Was sensei right? I picked the bottle up and removed the cap. Wafting the vapor towards my nose, I considered what the gooey liquid inside might be. Liquid, of course, is a generalization- it seemed to be a sort of gel. Without thinking I took a sip. A surprisingly sweet taste exploded on my tongue- sort of a cross between cinnamon altoids, noodles, and mountain dew.

As soon as I swallowed the first sip, I wanted more. I slammed back the rest of the bottle. As I lost conciousness my head crashed into the keyboard.

fvhjikn   688e t5576 5t76 767 675hdrtfhvckugkd cudftv dvrt ydyfu iu eiyur

When I awoke there was a browser window open on the monitor in front of my eyes. Which was odd, since my head was still on the keyboard. I took my eyes off of the screen and looked around. My room had a new color scheme- the same color as the gel I had ingested. The same color as the Jukka Dim theme. Khaki.

My eyes tried to focus, but it was like I was wearing two pairs of glasses. I reached for where I thought my eyes should be to rub them, and felt only flesh. My visual sense told me that I was going too low. I moved up and found eye stalks- which I didn't have before. I removed my contacts and passed out again.

This time when I woke up, I wasn't in my room. I was drowning in a sea of khaki gel that tasted sweet. Not drowning, so much, as breathing through what I can only describe as gills. I'm dictating this writeup to one of the other inhabitants of the gel, I haven't quite gotten the hang of these tentacles yet. I heard some Eno drifting far away.

I see a hardened glob of gel floating by. Without thinking I swim towards it and open my mouth.

I think I like this.


    Kilroy (fled):
    Funny story here. I was sitting in the library at school trying to find some stuff to kill, when this guy I know plops down next to me. He looks at my monitor. "Everything...2? Is that like" I explained everything(2) to him, and asked if he'd heard of it. Turns out he had, and he had a username. Kilroy. As he watched, I weeded this crap out from under him:
  • ILj: Some op of some IRC chan. You wouldn't care, I didn't.
  • Everything logo: The logo that tells one that this is "EVERYTHING.BLOCKSTACKERS.COM". This is wrong on so many different levels.
  • I considered killing his writeup under kilroy, but since it was the only one there that mentioned the album by Styx, I left it. Someone add something good, and I have a feeling his will die.
  • Shirly Temple: A girl who stared in a lot of bubble gum films in the 1920's-1930's. She had currly blonde hair. Also a non-alcoholic drink that has grenadine and sprite or 7up. This would have been a good addition to ShirlEy Temple. But here, no.
  • C.H.U.D.: exactly the same as CHUD, only put under a node that nobody in their right mind would search for. If a passing god could remove Frater 219's writeup without taking XP that'd be nice.
  • Killed some of my own stuff, nothing interesting enough to make fun of here.
    Orange6 (fled):
  • All singing! All dancing!: "also the name of a Simpsons episode" WOW! YOU LOSE!
  • Oregon, Illinois: Some insulting crap about the place. I've been there, and they have the best Dairy Queen ever. BLAMMO!
    A few other writeups from fled users that I couldn't think of little funny comments for.
  • indie-rock by mydryskin. A see also node. Even though I feel bad about taking 5 XP for a common newbie mistake, the user said he didn't mind. Maybe I'll start Chinging stuff by people I kill. (you know what I mean)
    Ok, as a trial I killed two things from pokey and chung a writeup by him. He didn't seem to mind and agreed that it was probably for the best that they die. Editors, take note.

    Hey, now I've got the power to kill with mercy... neat.
  • Linker Optimization: His writeup was interesting only for a revolutionary new spelling of the word "think." However, it didn't seem to catch on.
  • vibrator- " Lotzzzzzz ofzzz funnzzzzzatzzzzzz partiezzzzzzz." [X] axe [ ] mercy
  • A whole bunch of crap under You've Been Borged !. Mostly old crap. naked_ape's was left.

I removed a bunch of stuff by one muerte. It was all cut and pasted. Several nodeshells have been left, and they really should be filled.
  • Even though it's a giant, huge, GTKYN, I cooled The single sickest joke ever. It's easily my favorite node, and always has been. It was my first C!, and, I mean, hey, sick jokes. That's always a lot of fun. Just reading through the whole thing had me ROTFLMAO.


Nodeshells Marked for Destruction

SIDENOTE - March 23, 2001: I cannot more wholeheartily recommend REMFs. I feel unqualified even to say "hey man that rules" to riverrun. Being a spoiled fat american twenty-something I have no experiences which can possibly relate to or match the depth of those he writes about.

This is truly an example of noding at it's finest.
I am now an E2 Editor.

Why oh why didn't I take the blue pill?

23 March, 2001

My first day. A few nuke requests plus...

26 March, 2001

More nuke requests. Also...

27 March, 2001

Yet more nuke requests - one before it was requested :-) Some /msgs.

28 March, 2001

Plus de requests du nuke. Et:

29 March, 2001

Nuke requests aplenty. En plus:

30 March, 2001

Cleared out a bunch of nuke requests. Lead to finding I will now be away until Thursday. Play nice.

* = nodeshell destruction requested.

Editor Log: April 2001


Some of these write-ups failed to give any useful information, or another write-up in the node said it better. If you have a problem with my choice, /msg me and I'll try to come up with a reason.

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