Thank you, sleeping wolf!

Sleeping Wolf has provided us with a wonderful tool, currently available NOT WORKING DUE TO SOME E2 CHANGES at, which lets an Editor read one or more users' 50 lowest rated writeups all at once, with a killer checkbox by each one. When the page (a form) is submitted, all the WUs that were checked are Killed.

This will allow us to remove a considerable amount of chaff from the nodegel.


  • VAST quantities of garbage not worth my time to describe here.
  • Dreams" the movie by bozon: There's a better writeup at Dreams, which has the advantage of not being typographically screwed.
  • Several mediocre WUs at true love. The topic deserves better treatment.
  • A handful by Shewholaughslast. Let's raise the bar a bit, shall we?


  • A few dozen it's/its errors and broken links.
  • The first WU in source code - trimmed it down to the basics, removed a not very illuminating side comment about open/closed, added some links.
  • Added obvious hardlinks to Mohs hardness scale
In general, I don't feel it necessary to keep an exact log of every typo I fix or every HI THIS IS MY FIRST NODE, THIS IS NEAT. LATERZ, J0EN0D3R writeup I kill.