A model of Nikon camera, first sold in 1980. It is a manual focus camera. No longer available.

This camera has a nice compact body, but has most of the features you'd want in a camera, such as center-weighted metering, Program Aperture mode, and Aperture priority mode.

Top shutter speed is 1/1000 sec, and is manual winding.

Like almost all Nikon cameras, they are compatible with older manual focus and newer autofocus lenses.

Has a removable little plastic grip on the front right side, and a separate winder is available.

I believe it was available in both chrome and black. The black is much rarer, though neither are rare enough to be collectible. I rather like them, because it was the first full-featured small-bodied Nikon. Makes a great back-up camera, even if you have the latest autofocus Nikon, because of the lens compatibility.

The Nikon FG is a follow-up model to the Nikon EM, which was black, had a very similar body to the Nikon FG, but only offered aperature priority shutter settings (you set the aperature, the camera picks the correct shutter speed).

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