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Mercifully removed Shafik's stem cell. It was a legacy write-up (pre-E2) followed by two more recent, and more up-to-date, write-ups. I asked one of the noders to incorporate anything necessary from Shafik's write-up into his own. He actually incorporated all of it.

I then chinged The Alchemist's write-up in the same node, and placed the whole thing on Page of Cool.

Just because I feel guilty making a writeup composed only of other's suffering, I'll detail a day in the life of an editor.

I log on to about half a dozen real /msg's and 45 or so Spam /msg's. The administration is eternally abuzz with internal chatter in the form of special group wide announcements. These consist mostly of things like

editor says CONTENT EDITORS: could we keep the group /msg's down to a minimum? This lag is keeping me from loading message inbox when I've got 900 messages. Thank you.
Not to put anyone down, but if loading and reading maybe 10k of text is too much for you, how'd you become an editor?

So I go through and read all of the mass messages and dismiss them. This leaves me with the 6 or so I mentioned before that are actually directed at me. They consist mainly of people complaining that I nuked something they wrote.

newbiemonster says WHYD YUO ERASE MY NODE? dont you no about something caled FREE SPECH???// I'LL SU!!!!1
This kind of /msg is why I've lately been slow to add stuff to the editor logs. Mostly I nuke stuff and tell the one user, rather than mocking you publically for other's amusement.

The rare personal /msg or comment on a writeup is dealt with and dismissed. Special /msg's stay at the top of my chatterbox for days, sometimes weeks, to remind me why I like this place. A message I received from sensei stayed on my screen for a good two months before I finally dismissed it, after copying it down and saving it to a special file.

That sums up what I do when I first log in. After that, I usually open up Everything New Nodes and see what's going down over the last hour or so. I go through and read as many of them as I can. Depending on the server speed situation, I might skip a few- usually writeups by dem bones are going to be quality node for the ages stuff, suitable for the database; while I may glance twice at writeups by CORNtroLLIO. Although I probably shouldn't, I tend to visit writeups that are shaded from the public view with the (do not display in "new writeups") checkbox more than not. Yes, editors and admins can do that, so don't think you're getting away scot-free, mister.

After ENN is covered with the mustard yellow of visitation, I click on random node a few times. Often, I find nuggets like where.com by fled noder demmy.

The late text:

where you stole this idea from?
I apply my editorial reasoning to this. First of all, it's not true- that's one strike against it. Second of all, it appeared to be intentionally insulting, which I'm not a big fan of. I cast my downvote, found the writeup to be ranked surprisingingly low, and proceeded to kill it. With penalty, thank you very much. After that ordeal, I popped in to demmy's homenode and brought up a user search. I read all of his writeups, ignoring the reference to cmdrtaco on his homenode, and proceeded to nuke these two:


Q-Bert is a spherical classic video game character with a very semitic nose.

Ghetto Glamour

the fullness of life on the bottom end.

As I nuked these writeups, I copied the text into a notepad windows, which I then emailed to myself. Since no writeups were left in the node where.com, I pasted its name into writeups marked for destruction. Then I continued to click on random node until the bell rang and C++ class was over. I composed this writeup late at night, when us nodegel entities are the strongest, and posted.

--more to come--

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