Dana, when I met you, I found myself wanting to stand in front of everyone I had ever known or met, and to tell them all that I loved you dearly, completely and totally.

I want to tell everyone here that our souls are meant for each other. I want to promise everyone here that I will continue to remember and understand we were meant for each other.

I promise to never hold back with my love for you. To fit with you, to build something more than a couple, more than just husband and wife: to be a true and equal partner with you.

I promise to do anything you need as best I can and to accept the same from you without protest. I promise never to make excuses and to be truthful and strong for you. I promise to live for you, and with you. To wash your feet after a long day and to rub your back whenever you want.

I promise to pick you up when you fall, without comment or remark. To always remember that you are human, sometimes frail and sometimes strong. I promise to live well and long with you, to grow old and happy in your arms. I promise to love you and to never falter. I promise to always be there for you, to never leave you, to stand together with you through life's successes, challenges, disasters, sadness and happiness.

I promise to think of you first and foremost. I promise to be loyal to you and to cherish you above all else.
I love you Dana, and I promise to stay with you, in love, forever.

Marriage has meant a myriad of things to me at different points in my life. When I was 8 it meant kissing prince charming in a beautiful white gown then riding off to our mansion in the woods.

Since then I have found that marriage means a great deal of things. It's no longer just the ceremony. It's more than babies, and bills, flowers and mortgages, love and pain.

Marriage is a promise. A promise I not only make to you, but to my friends, my family, and my community. A promise that I intend to be with you for the rest of our lives. A promise that we are a unit, both for each other and to the community. A promise that I won't give up. I will do everything in my power to make this work. It is a promise to care for you despite unforeseen obstacles.

Anthony, I promise to love you as best I know how. To think of your feelings, wants, and needs, and to communicate my needs to you. I promise to respect you, and love you, I want to grow old with you. To take care of myself so I can live a long healthy life with you. I promise to share my life with you. To grow with you. To learn with you. To cherish you. To be your partner, your lover, your friend, your ally, your comfort, and strength.

Anthony my love, you are home to me. You are my warmth, my trust, my passion, and you are my faith.
I believe in us.

There is nothing I can say here this evening that I haven't said to you a thousand times over. I stand with you here today of my own will because I want to spend the rest of my life loving you. From Audi TTs to Ramen noodles. I promise to stand beside you. To hold you. To be your partner. To love you and only you. You make me happier than I could have ever hoped, and I promise to be there with you, until death do us part.

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