What I wrote for my wedding, January 30, 1999

Ruth Anne, I ask you to be my partner
My lover, my friend and my wife
I announce and declare my intention to give you
My deepest friendship and love
Not only when your moments are high,
But also when they are low
Not only when you remember clearly 
Who you are
But also when you forget
Not only when you are acting with love
But also when you are not

It is my intention to be with you forever
That together we might share
All that is good within us
With each other
And all those who's lives we touch
Together, to become more
Than we could ever have been separately

My vows, written for my wedding on October 30, 2004:

The years I have to give, I give them all
Into your keeping, may you keep them dear.
For what are life and love, but gifts? This fall
I give you all my seasons, all my years.

In joy, in grief, in times both rich and spare
I give my faithful, steadfast vow of love
Before the eyes of God and those above,
Before our friends and kin, those gathered here.

I know the pain of too much tenderness.
Such is the bliss of your love. I confess,
I ne'er believed I'd shed a happy tear
In life, 'till you said 'yes' to me, my dear.

Though you already know these things are true,
I gladly pledge my eternity to you.

it was a beautiful ceremony.

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