I have a pink-and-blue plaid, pleated skirt. It's the one that, when I wear it, inevitably garners kind words from middle-aged men. A compliment's a compliment, but come on, do the math.

Update: Yesterday I wore it again. My coworkers, who are dirty men but no so old, kept telling me I looked like Britney Spears in the "Crazy" video. Not a bad comparison for a legal chick with a B cup.

I dressed up as a Catholic School Girl for Halloween. Not a sleazy school girl, I just wanted to be a nice school girl with a rosary. Everyone kept telling me to unbutton some buttons or to hike up my plaid skirt. To wear kinky maryjanes instead of flat ones. To wear a black lace bra, or to put on some black eyeliner. I was told I was breaking hearts. There was no avoiding the fetish aspect of it. Unless you are going for these reactions, it is best to dress up as something else.

Although 'Catholic' seems to be the archetype school-girl, the stereotype (erotic) image of a female in a tartan skirt and knee-socks is near-universal in modern western culture. Analogs certainly go back to Victorian erotica and pornography.

Whether these images and stereotypes are taken as offensive, erotic or amusing is a matter of context. A society which uses juvenile-erotic images as a common element of commercial advertising, preaches that young people are not supposed to be sexual and often fails to provide real adolescents with good tools against sexual exploitation is in inherent conflict. (writer's personal viewpoint)

see: Frank Zappa

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