In a dim hall stands a computer-animated caricature of Vincent Price. Below him are ten numbered buttons. Vincent says, "What're you looking at? Wuss."

Button 1: Vincent turns very slightly red. "Is that the best you could do? Pussy."

Button 2: Vincent turns slightly more red. "Hey, check out my tan! No bikini lines!"

Button 3: Vincent gets a little splotchy. "Okay, cut it out, punk, you're messin' with my complexion now!"

Button 4: Vincent has a bunch of red dots on his face. "Hey, I'm a movie star, asshole! I was in 'Edward Scissorhands'"!

Button 5: Vincent turns very red and fans himself. "Whoo! How come it's getting so hot? Check the thermostat, bub!"

Button 6: Vincent gets a nosebleed. "Okay, fun's over n--Goddamn! Sprung a leak!"

Button 7: Vincent vomits blood. "BLEEAAARGHH! Dammit! I'm gonna kick your ass!"

Button 8: Vincent is bleeding from his ears and eyes, too. "Crap! My eyes! You're dead meat, scum!"

Button 9: Vincent grabs the seat of his pants. "Eww. It ain't supposed to come out like that!"

Button 10: Vincent explodes in a fountain of blood. After a moment, his eyeballs fall to the floor and squish into puddles.

Vincent Price's evil laughter from "Thriller" plays over the credits.

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