is a very nifty website containing various forms of sick, sick humor that most of us laugh hysterically at, time after time again just because it's so sick.

The page itself holds such tasty goodies as downloads, comics, cartoons, e-cards, a newsletter, and links to some other fine red-neck brand humor.

Some of his more famous works are Frog Blender 2000, Micro-Gerbil 2001, Nanna Hooter, and Santa! Yo' Daddy!, and Joe Fish. Most of his newer cartoons are interactive to the point that they allow you to view chunks of them when you push a button at your leisure, rather than viewing the whole thing start to finish. They contain small animals such as frogs, gerbils, and lemmings using verbal insults and being very random in crude ways to make people laugh, while having fun making the little things die at the same time.

Frog Blender 2000:
Micro-Gerbil 2001:
Nanna Hooter:
Santa! Yo' Daddy!:
Joe Fish:

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