If you think E2's April Trolls Day was not very funny, you should learn about the kind of April Fool's joke they make in Iraq.

The daily newspaper Babel announced yesterday on its front page (1) that red meat and chicken rations were to be raised substantially. These rations have been allotted to civilians in Iraq since 1990 because of the embargo they suffer from Western countries.

On the last page they said it was a joke. Just smile, your rations will not be raised.

Conclusion: E2's April Trolls Day was funny, after all.

(1) Because I couldn't find an English version, here is a French one: http://afp.liberation.com/afp/ins/010401192805.ykkgyt4o.html

I saw on the Norwegian news (on NRK?) that last year, the official April Fool's joke from Baghdad to the Iraqi people was that a nuclear war was about to break out.

These guys really have a sense of humor...

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