After much discussion with users at all levels, I have decided to return to filing Editor Logs. It seems the question of editor accountability is of paramount concern to a sufficient number of noders to so warrant.

I will file reports on things that I remove which may affect active users, and were not done by their request. The writeups of fled users will not be logged, not will Title Edit or Deletion requests. Nodeshells will also be removed without explanation.

At the end of each month I will pull the day logs and consolidate them into a single monthly entry. This should reduce the Editor Log as NFN concerns which Wesc, among others, have mentioned.

Writeup Death Log

I killed a profusion of writeups from around April 2000, all of the form "Who wants a noun from the adjective Username?". They were stale, and added no lasting value to the database.

Numerous writeups of the form ... unless you've something stunningly original to say, let people go to the site if they want to know about it.

Also killed about 1/2 dozen E1 era writeups by Sinergy that were duplicated by the work of dear old, senile Webster 1913. Sinergy's writeups seemed to have been copied word for word by Webster, but we'll give the old dude credit and assume it was actually the other way around.