An alcoholic, sociopathic milkman from the comic strip Red Meat by Max Canon. Spends most of his time tormenting a little girl named Karen, who coined the phrase "I hate you, Milkman Dan."

Milkman Dan moonlights as McMoo the anti-drug cow, an icon for all young children to aspire to. McMoo dons a cow costume, resplendent with horns, black splotches, and teats. Usually the teats have reservoirs filled with decidedly un-milklike substances.

Milkman Dan: You know, Karen, part of my job as "McMoo the anti-drug cow" is to make sure kids eat right and drink lots of milk. How'd you like a refill on that refreshing glass of cold milk?

Karen: Okay... I guess so.

(dark liquid squirting from Milkman Dan's teats)

Karen: OWW!! That's hot coffee!

Milkman Dan: Coffee? Hmmh... I could swear I filled those reservoirs up with urine earlier.

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