These are all my editing sessions for the month of March. /msg me with complaints, suggestions and Persian Blue kittens.

I was happily slacking in Hermosillo, and while mibarra was convincing Sonorans of the excellence of PERL, the dangers of excessively permissive NFS shares and in the inherent goodness of EMACS, I axed:

chouky by Cermain, the reason being Don't make shit up, particularly if it is not funny shit.

Mon Mar 5 18:42:01 CST 2001

Today the net sucked really really bad. I have the feeling that Telmex once again poured huitlacoche into one of their routers.

Mon Mar 5 23:22:22 CST 2001

  • baroque by benj because: import from E1, just a see also.
  • baroque by Tabs because: information free (NB: "Harpsichord kicks ass", wow, how insightful)
  • cheesy pick-up lines by boodhakhan because: Like we needed a definition of a cheesy pick up line. (NB: Most of the node sucks)
  • eksil by freddy4love because: "Another misspelt word." was the whole WU content. (NB: this gives a new depth to the NFN concept)

Little hamster-shaped cookies of appreciation to Xamot for noding baroque in response to my pleading.

Tue Mar 6 22:07:55 CST 2001

This should not be just a log of destruction. I would like to mention the excellent Urban Geography of Vancouver, BC by pseudo_intellectual. He said this, which I liked enough to save it here:

I figure so many of us are ignoring the topic about which we know the most and about which the rest of us here know nothing... every aspect of every inhabited area has interesting stories associated with it. It's only through the undertaking of a project such as this that I'm provided the framework to systematically share all these stories in all their glorious cross-referentiality 8)
Plus I figure it's a handy reference for people who want to visit or might even be considering moving here 8)
now of course I've thrown the gauntlet; if you truly appreciate what I'm doing you owe it to us and to yourself to contribute similar information based on your location. 8)

Coolness distilled: I was a prisoner in a Mexican whorehouse. Embarassing honesty, well written, a good story.

Wed Mar 14 00:45:10 CST 2001

fixed some typos in Nikon FG.
fixed jwz: X Selections, X Cut Buffers, and Emacs Kill Rings, grievously broken because of huge PRE block, generated by sucky cut-and-paste technique.

Thu Mar 15 00:19:44 CST 2001

Today, for reasons unknown, for some minutes I was not able to delete nodes. This made me feel unworthy. But now all is fine.
User nonexistent is eminently axworthy.
Glory ! mdwyer wrote a good WU on Phillips screwdriver !

Thu Mar 15 22:56:00 CST 2001

  • spinal cord by BorisVian because: deleted without penalty, in agreement with user: the WU has been moved to syringomyelia, where it fits better
  • school by Jim71 because: fucked up grammar, thoroughly unpleasant (NB: ¡THOUGHTCRIME!)
  • Europe by cpwright because: superficial (I mean, a one-liner about Europe ?) (NB: superseded by Uberfetus' excellent WU)
  • Zulu by loose_cannon because: "Kick ass language spoken around Southern Africa ... Waaaay better than afrikaans." (NB: I nuked it because I could not bear the profundity)
  • Blink182 by barney_5bb because: E1 remain, little info, superseded
  • Blink182 by tftv256 because: two lines, two flames (NB: adieu)
  • war by umquam because: "War is simply a bad translation of the message of peace" (NB: Again, too much profundity made my head hurt)

I am an army of one is good.

Mon Mar 19 21:36:00 CST 2001

Just noded filter. This could be the start of another sequence of insanely boring photography writeups.
We need a good silicone writeup. And a good Aeneid writeup.
the insomnia node is in great need of an editor inspection.
I don't hate qbert, in fact I don't hate any noder.
ROTFL of the day: How to urinate standing up

Fri Mar 23 00:07:18 CST 2001

I propose that the collective noun for E2 editors be "fesnyng". After all we are not unlike ferrets: hyperactive, inquisitive and dedicated to destruction.
Nodes that need work: Laurie Anderson

Here endeth the month of March. More editorial activities and destruction under: Editor Log: April 2001.