Lead singer of the band Garbage, Shirley Ann Manson was born on August 26, 1966 to a former jazz singer, Murial Manson, father, and a university lecturer in the genetics of chickens, Mitchell Manson, mother, in Edinburgh, Scotland. As a child, Shirley was teased and nicknamed "bloodhound" because of her red hair and "frog-eyes," which contributed to her desire to drop out of high school. At age six she was what she called herself to be a "horrible creature" that became violent with her younger sister.

By the time she was a teenager, Shirley was getting in huge fights with her father, who was also her Sunday school teacher, over religion. And to this day Shirley still does not believe in God. Shirley was sucked into the rock star world of sex and drugs. She found pleasure in music and became passionate about it.

She joined a band in August of '84 around this time called Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie where she played keyboards and sang back vocals. She got involved with the lead singer and though were together, he openly had sex with groupies on the side. Shirley also became a model for a UK teen magazine called Jackie. Shirley, after the breakup of Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie, joined a group called Angelfish that had a single "Suffocate Me" aired on MTV's 120 minutes. Butch Vig (of Garbage) saw Shirley and decided that she had to become a part of Garbage. The three musicians in Garbage met with Shirley in London on the day that Kurt Cobain died.

Shirley joined the band and later on September 7th 1996 married her long time boyfriend Eddie, a sculptor, in Scotland.

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