I woke up this morning and split seconds after doing so, my mobile phone rang... which may seem quite usual. But at 5:45am! ... my dad had got up to go to work, the dustbin men were only just starting to come down the road. I suppose it was my fault for leaving the sound turned up on it, even though I woke before it rang. It was nine9 sending me a text message, which was pretty dandy, he was at work. This was the start of a strange day.
It wasnt strange as in people were all walking around without talking or something, but something wasnt right. Sure it was the last day of this half term, so everyone was a little bit more energetic than usual ... apart from the teachers. Yet everything was in a reverse kind of way. Our first lesson we had we went in and started to revise for our exams. We usually end up working and working end on end with this specific teacher, as he is very strict. But this day he was more interested in letting us fix his filing cabinet. He had broken it and it wouldnt shut properly ... hitting it didnt work, no matter how many times you did it and no matter how big the object you hit it with. The stories of how he had battered it over the years started to roll out, how he has wooden filing cabinets that dont break, and armour plated ones that have taken battering for 50 years. It was rather unusual as this usually happens in every lesson but this one.
We all had dinner and then went on to our last lesson of the day. As I had mentioned earlier everyone was behaving to the reverse that they usually would. Myself and everyone else thats usually quiet were very noisy, we were bickering between ourselves. Causing a little disruption in the class where she doesnt like it ;) and in the one where she doesnt mind however much we shout and take the piss out of her, we also made a noise (we have two teachers for the same subject). Yet the people who usually take on the role of what we were doing were being quiet and less so noisy ... Strange eh?