Work, node, node, work, node.

I spent the day sifting through logs, reading my E-mail, eating Altoids, drinking coffee and hot chocolate, answering my phone, writing E-Mails, and noding.

Yes, friends, another day at work.

Last night's network activity was pretty light, so I got caught up quickly this morning. I usually don't drink coffee, but I had some today. (I usually have either Cocoa or Tea.)

Our facilities director left the company, so there's an office that I'd sure like to move into. It's got a window, a locking door, and plenty of room for my shit. I doubt I'll get it, though, as there are some people who have priority over me. Bah. I had an office in our OLD building. I want one here too!

Lunch Log: Subway Club. Lettuce, Extra Onions, Green Peppers, Spicy Mustard, Salt & Pepper, Oil & Vinegar. Yum. I also had a small cup of Subway's Chicken Noodle Soup.