I went into work early so that I could leave early, just in case something interesting came up. I didn't have anything planned though.

I am still excited from Sara's response to my valentine's day gift and I wrote her a reply last night and sent it off to her this morning. She wondered what it was that I saw in her that made me think she was so special, so I told her.

I wound up writing a novel.

I got a reply to that later on in the day and she said she was going away for the weekend and would give me the proper response when she gets back. She wants to get together for lunch on Friday as well. Whee :)

CR wanted to show me how to use worldcraft to build half-life games so we decided to get together over at my apartment to do a little bit of lan gaming and for him to introduce me to worldcraft. It's a pretty nice program.. I have a feeling I'm going to have less free time :)