OK, I hate this, completely.. OK yea, I'm just a lowly moron trying to get up to the next level and yea, I'm a complete hoor...  I'm stuck tho...  I'm sitting here balls to the wall, 11:57 and I have nothing to write-up...  I have nothing decent to say at all...  I had a good day today, I got a lot done at work...  and this particular write-up is the last one I need to move up a level...  I feel so cheap, so dirty, as if I climbed into someone's smelly sheets nude and I can feel the fleas flicking and writhing in my leg hair. Ugh...  don't you feel dirty just for having read that?  Reading it again gave me the creeps.  I have to post this before I just delete the whole thing just to stamp that last phrase from my mind like some  skittering spider...

But I've just stooped and I hate that - it makes the triumph I should feel by moving to the next level feel as if I'm slinking by it and hoping that no one will notice me with my face hid beneath a hood. I have to do it tho...  I can't walk away and go to bed with that last write-up glaring at me....oh well

I guess, while I'm here in sleaze-town, I might as well pick up a Big Mac and fries. Today's stuff?

  • Managed to get out of teaching a class to my co-workers? (and wondering if I can put it off another week?)
  • After the disaster I thought my class was (last week), I realized I'd actually learned something about Perl and JavaScript(shock)
  • The "little" project I'd been putting off and putting off came to a head today and I managed to pull it off and feel like a hero...  weird...
  • I watched Babylon 5:A Call to Arms on sci-fi and was depressed to find that it was just a set-up movie for their failed "crusade" series...  sigh.
  • I realized that people haven't posted a lot of the music I listened to when I was in high-school.  I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
  • Now I'm listening to Fraiser (on the TV in the other room) and trying to think of a way to wrap this up without pandering to my usual: end it on a trick phrase...  I'm giving up....goodnight