Oh, how the universe has a sense of humour.

My previous employer, the {censored} idiot (see here) had his come-uppance. I had just gotten back from lunch - I am afraid to say it was McDonalds - and I walk in to my building, and the fire alarms went off. It was luckily only sprinkling, the three previous fire alarms this MONTH have been when it was raining. Anyway, we all wait for the fire department, all 1,000 people in the building, and finally get the all clear. When we walk in, we hear that the cause of it was a malfunctioning computer in my former employers office! HA!

Anyway, on the work front, I lugged yet ANOTHER Uninterruptable Power Supply from head office today - this one was 3000VA and weighed 69kgs (150lbs for you Americans out there). OUCH. Unfortunatley, it is a 15V input, and the standard wiring in the building is only 10V. So now I have to don my electrician's hat and rewire a power outlet. And find an appropriate power cord.

Legs are STILL sore from the gym. Luckily today was chest and arms. Yesterday, I forgot to log the fact I saw one of my best uni firends at the gym, Merinda, who is this gorgeous 6'3" lesbian, who goes out with one of Australia's biggest Broadway show stars, Amber ???. Name to follow once I call her to confirm. Anyway, they were working out and they invited me over to their house again - being close friends, and having no expectations whatsoever because they are so in love, we just chill and have fun. And a smoke every so often.

Dinner last night was chicken cachetori.