It's a Wild Mad Nightly Noding Spree®!

Let's see: during the last 24 hours, I've noded about Amiga and Commodore 64 (because I draw Petal Fear game graphics with Personal Paint, for the simple reason that it's better for miniature, small-palette graphics than GIMP =), Finnish artists, and such... um, 2 cools. Weird, that.

Now I'm looking for a text editor for Amiga that would support Emacs key command and support Amiga UI stuff adequeately... vim is sort of a disappointment. I know Emacs exists for Amiga, but I'm not going to have it installed in UAE. Two copies of Emacs on HD? I have better use for HD space, thank you...

nedit for X is pretty nice, BTW, but it has one bad thing. The Motif file selection dialogs. I can't easily express my hatred towards these spawns of Hell, and I can just say that I was infinitely joyous when Mozilla came with working File Save dialogs... It was among the first reasons to consider nuking Netscape 4 for good =)

<whining><!-- No need to read... -->

Argh, what the hell I'm rambling about text editors and widgets... For couple of ocassions now, I feel I've been left outside of the world. It's sort of hard to explain, but I try. Let's say it this way: there's a chasm, wide chasm, between the world and me. People can tell me things from the other side of the chasm, but they just grin and let me here rot where I am. As if... the world would tell me "Cool for you that you did that, but we really don't need your help, thanks for asking."

I just want to... do things I want to do, and get respect for that. Now... I can just do something-sort-of-like-what-was-supposed and people nod and let me be here.

I'm doomed to be... among the second to best. No matter how hard I try, I never get to be among the respected - and this happens everywhere where I try to go and help.

I don't want just nods. I wish someone would say me every now and then that I'm doing something they appreciate.

World, give me feedback!


Oh damn, I think I should go to sleep... Two things combined: darkness depression and the fact that no one bothered to say anything to me in the Valentine's Day... But I just can't deny the things that the reality is telling me!

(This part of the daylog written in Nirvana Editor®, The Text Editor With A Philosophical Name™)


Morning! Well, without further ado, time to face the challenges of the day...


Mozilla 0.8!

YiffCam grabbing images and attempting to play sound (to better tell me that something is happening)! This may be interesting. Onward to Slashdot and stuff.


Here's a riddle for the spammers: If it's an "one-time mailing", why the heck I got three copies of the same spam?

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