some days you just open your mouth and the fnords come pouring out. i'm at werk, and i just had to deliver a stack of papers to a guy in the publications office. so i walk into the office and the middle-aged female at the desk says something generic and chipper, to which i reply: "i come bearing fnords for john." she promptly looked surprised and told me john wasn't in. "oh, i know," i said, "can i leave them on his desk?" at this point, a smirking female snuck up behind me, eyes all a-twinkle with the power of the fnords, and relieved me of my papers, saying she'd make certain he got them. smiling blandly and trying not to burst out laughing, i thanked her and disappeared into the brisk february afternoon.

later commentary:
my mother just ran up and pounded on my door, handed me a heavy dinner fork, and sprinted into the evening, cackling. i have no idea what to say to this.