So I'm really lucky....and I'm really thankful.

I got the phonecall at about 4:15....about five and a half hours after I had the blood drawn. I am not pregnant..... but I had five days to agonize over an EPT that came out positive! I don't wish that anxiety on anyone....'specially when taking the damn test was just a 'I wonder'. They wanted me to look at different forms of birth control. I said "Listen lady, between marriage and celibacy, I don't think this problem is going to pop up again for a long time if ever." Sheez...that comment even depressed me.

And don't ask me who the father would have been....that's a really dumb question.....Let's see....2 days after only have one horse to bet on here folks. Any takers?

But it's done and gone and everyone's free to move about in their skins again......and don't remain seated during the turbulence.

Now it's time to make some really big changes....and I know right where I want to start....maybe now you should fasten your seatbelts.