It all came together today.

Hollow Heroes

A kid in a time without heroes has lost his sense of right and wrong. Finger pointing pointless. BUT. Fact remains. Columbine used to be the name of my mother’s favorite flower. Gone now amid gunfire. Where are the heroes? Where was the super hero to stop the bullets? No end in sight.

Is this our gift to the history books? An election which does not choose a leader and an endless string of children who know not right nor wrong? All these things will be used to stereotype our childhood, the days when we came of age. Hollow music flys off the shelves, hollow music into the ears. Hollow heroes on the TV, into the eyes. Why do you wonder why your children are hollow? Raised in a time of one big party, there is no great war. They see no struggle, they see nothing unfiltered. Nothing is real, so killing classmates doesn’t matter. Kids raised by adults merely going through the motions, the same methods but without the meaning. Hollow.