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Andrew: Dude, does your brother do drugs to compensate for his useless life?
Jen: Nah, he just plays Magic: The Gathering.
Jon: That's way more expensive.


I just received what is possibly the most depressing advice of my life. In a situation where I don't want to date someone for fear of fucking up the friendship we have now, I should just date her anyway. Given that we're already hooking up and there are feelings involved, there are still chances it'll get icky and one or both of us will end up hurt. Similarly, if we date the hurt will invariably be greater, but so will the enjoyment taken from the situation and relationship. The advice, then, is to date the girl because... I'll regret it either way.

-- 6/27/2002:

Happy summer to me; starting work within the next week at a pizzeria being managed by a friend of mine and her boyfriend. Hopefully I'll spend most of my time delivering and not in the damnably hot kitchen.

The girl mentioned above is coming home from Italy late tonight or early tomorrow morning; it's been about three and a half weeks since I saw her--the morning she left. I miss her.

Been writing some whiny bullshit for a 'zine I may eventually do.

Listening lately to Orchid, Anton Bordman, the new Sonic Youth album and This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb.

Got a driver's license about two weeks ago. Driving an '88 Volvo 240 Sedan that I share with my sister when she's home. She's currently working as a camp counselor and not living here, and in August she goes back to college.