written to srini at unamerican.com at 8:12 am
what purpose is there for continued support of a system that cannot be changed?
 it is said that good and evil do not exist but in the minds of men. i have seen evil. 
i agree, evil is the corporations, the pollutants, the 49 cent jungle burgers and the 
overpriced cancer stick. it's inherent in everything we do, in the plastic smiles of
 the news anchorman, and it even dares invade the movies we'd like to think were
 even the least bit subversive (that spells advertising folks).  i live with people every 
day, people who don't understand. people who couldn't understand. (or they do, 
but they don't care). i fall on my face several times a day. i think perhaps i'm just 
looking for something to believe in. i have no job. i think it's pathetic that i feel pathetic
 for not having a job. i mooch off of my g/f and my parents. i "contribute" lyrics to an 
online db (www.everything2.com(heh, could that be considered embedded advertising?))
 that operates on a semi-democratic system. people seem to like it when i write angsty
 bullshit more than when i write something else. maybe i just write there because i feel 
there's a slight chance that someone will listen to me. whatever. i don't even remember
 the point of this. maybe just venting. fuck, no one'll read this anyhow. and if anyone does,
 you won't care either. i'm not nearly as loved or as smart or as important. every day i 
wake up, and every day that same feeling of self hate and worthlessness returns. and
 there's nothing i can do about it. 
i have no voice and yet i must scream

i suck