It grows on me, when I’m alone.

Anger comes so very rarely; that I think it makes up for the frequency in its intensity. It consumes me when it comes; it obliterates all other feelings, all other considerations. I only want others to hurt.

Sometimes, I come very close to letting myself do just that.


I’m very upset with Jessica right now. Anything I write about the situation will be unfair, or hurtful, or both.

Suffice it to say that she is very adept at pushing my buttons when she chooses to.


I want to be drunk, to be gone, to obliterate myself in any drink, any drug. I want to get into fistfights tonight, and fuck other women, and not give a fuck in the morning. I want to buy a ticket to Holland, or Ireland, and just start again, alone.

I want to find heaven in the arms of a chemical god, tonight.
Just got back from Spring Training in Tampa.

I dream of boats.

This week I coxed the mens novice eight. More of a challenge than the varsity, and you don't feel the boat move under you as much, but it's there, the potential.(fresh souls..)

In the morning, we launched at 5 AM, sliding the 8 through the blue-green water reflecting all of the lights of downtown Tampa. The reflections were so sharp it was as if we were suspended, cutting through the bridges and emerging in some sort of a sphere, encompassed by the brightening horizon in the sky and in the bay.

Morning, later morning, afternoon, and land training started to run together punctuated by eat sleep and shower I started to dream of boats. In my hotel room I'd fall asleep and feel the bed swimming beneath me and think "down to port" or "starboards, raise your hands" and run through sprint starts in my head. three quarters, half, half, three quarters, full, high 10, settle 10 to a 32...ok, first 500-- this is our move for the leg drive. I want bow in 10...

And when I got up again it was all the same. I'd stand up, carefully balanced, in the stern of our 18-inch wide 60-foot long boat, explain the drills. Focus on catching together at high ratings-- remember, arms and body quick out of the bow. I'd sit down, (all eight, sit ready at the finish-- ready, row) and we'd row, and keep going.

Most crews train in Tampa during the spring or Melbourne. Coast Guard Academy, Yale, University of North Carolina and others were there-- we raced the UNC men in a head race, I cut them off with the inside turn(prepare to clash oars-- we're rowing through them!). Yale.... the Yale men had ratio. If you know what I mean.(rowing pun)

And the vandalism. Painting the bridge is a rowing tradition. For anybody who's been to Boston, the banks of the Charles are a good example. This spring, Michigan dominated by painting the 50' x 50' counterweight on the raised railroad bridge downstream from the boathouse with a huge 'M', yellow with a blue background.. But on Thursday night at midnight, we took Princeton's bridge. Stole a launch, whipped out the rapelling equipment, and 8 gallons of purple and white paint.

Violent Crew
Novice 2001-- Pulling Together

Which started off as 'Pulling Togeter' but was quickly corrected. Were not distracted by drunken heavyweight UNC men jumping off of bridges. Finished that at 4:30, changed, and went to practice.

Now back in New York, to the cold, dirty East River.
sometimes it is lonely in the city, and sometimes i just don't like to be anywhere completely alone. i'm used to having people doing random things in the background, perhaps not anything i really know about, or care about, but it is a comfort and i miss it when i am here. chester st usually has it, the randomness, people doing things around me. i kind of need it. i am not sure if that will change. i at least need it at night, or in the evenings. i miss my sister, everyone else too but i miss my sister, or anyone i could talk to like that.

my weekend with jesus. he is sweet for staying here. it's probably not that exciting, i'm not being overly interesting, but i am glad he is here, i am.

i want to hang out with jared because i'm just comfortable around him, my head is, i need that too.

i miss you already, of course it may seem lame and everyone says i should enjoy the break but i didn't ask for a break and i don't need one. heh in fact, i really don't want this one, but i can deal, just as well. i wish you'd call, even for a second, it would help me sleep much more easily..

i haven't been around e2 quite so much. i couldn't say why except that i don't really have my own computer in boston.

ah well.. time to go watch soul calibur, or somethin' along those lines. :)

In RL talking about the same thing all the time will surely mark one as a boring conversationalist. Conversation involves give and take and a lack of attention to the other participant's interests will lead to talking to oneself sooner or later.

In a forum such as e2, "talking" in depth about multiple aspects of a single subject is called noding what you know and is a good thing. This is great when you have an deep interest in a subject.

I find breastfeeding to be fascinating, there is the physiology, the anatomy, the culture, the evolution, the economics, the mom, the baby, the dad, the family, the normal management and the management of unusual situations, etc..

My kids have said I can bring it into any conversation. This is true. I try to spare my family and friends (the RL thing again) from constant exposure to my obession(s). Here on e2 I can hone my writing skills while researching finer points and contribute something at the same time.

I'm also learning a new skill (HTML tagging), albeit in a very limited way, and having a ball meeting new people and reading about their obsession(s).

The specialist learns more and more about less and less until he knows everything about nothing at all.
A paraphrase of unattributed wisdom
This cool quote shamelessly yoinked from Simulacron3's homenode.

I was responsible for scraping the five-year accumulation of goo off the floor at work today. We had moved a few shelves around that had not been touched in quite some time. Of course there was a lovely brown mess beneath, just waiting for the lowly eighteen-year-old employee to scrape up with a razor blade and some floor stripper in a spray bottle.

I must have looked pretty pathetic, sitting there on the tile floor in my undershirt and dirtied jeans, overheated and scraping away with bloodied knuckles at a mess that refused to shrink no matter the effort supplied by endless labor. Every customer that walked by commented on my luck to have received such a task as this. One man, a kind soul of middle age, sat down on the floor beside me and worked while his wife shopped. He was much more vigorous with the blade than I had the courage to be, and therefore completed much more scraping than I had in my entire hour of work. I thanked him profusely when his wife was finally ready to leave, seven plastic Pfaltzgraff bags adorning her arms. Once again, I was alone with the chemical fumes of death and a slowly dulling razor blade.

I finally finished a 3x3 foot section of gunk around eight thirty this evening. By then it was far past time for me to get working on the other chore-type cleanup jobs. I dusted, swept, mopped, emptied the trash, and straightened most of the merchandise, removed empty hooks and vacant sheets of plexi glass from the shelves, and finally ended up in the back room counting out the deposit with the supervisor. Definitely an exciting Saturday night.

Earlier today, my brother and his girlfriend, Sheena, had brought home two more gerbils to add to the growing collection of miscellaneous pets Adam has been accumulating these past few months. We now have four Oscars in the large fish tank out in the family room, and a total of four gerbils who inhabit a small cage in Adam’s room. I claimed one of the new ones today. He is white and very soft; hence, I named him Mustard.

I watched The Cell for the second and a half time. It was just as odd as I had remembered, although I did pick up on a few things that had been missed during the first time and a half of viewing it. The over-muscled topless woman is a little buckis, but if I closed my eyes I could pretend she wasn’t there.

The special features of the movie at the end were rather disappointing. There were several ‘deleted scenes’ to be viewed, most of which were unimpressive at best. However, I discovered it is possible to watch the entire movie without the dialog. I did not have the patience to try that after just finishing the movie once. There is also the possibility of playing the entire movie while listening to the director’s commentary, which I did try for about three minutes. After a while it just seemed like some sick and twisted football game narration without the football. So I fell asleep.

As I sit here waiting for Jackie Chan's First Strike to be over with so I can watch Monty Python or maybe another kung fu movie, I realize that I have managed to completely waste this day. I have done nothing productive. Usually this would not irk me as it happens all the time, but today, I would have liked to say, "Hey, I accomplished something. Isn't that special?"

But alas, this is not to be. I woke up at about 11:30, had a freezer-burned grape popsicle (and I don't really like freezer-burned grape popsicles). I took this back to my room upstairs, and proceeded to read a bit of slashdot (damn the evil workings of the RIAA). My mom called and asked for help with the littl'uns, so I took care of my little brother and my neice for a few hours, had some leftover spaghetti from yesterday ( I hate leftovers...), and talked to my significant other (this could be the highlight of the entire day). I solved the Einstein riddle as well as another (can't remember the name), and after this endeavor Sleepyland (tm) was calling me and I took a 2 hour nap. When I woke up I then turned on the TV (a rare thing), to TNT (an even rarer thing), and was watching the afformentioned Jackie Chan movie (not-so-rare a thing), and now find myself wishing I had done . . . something else. I found a mild satisfaction in solving the riddles. And talking to Govi, (the afforementioned significant other) always makes me feel better, yet still I feel that something is missing.

Ah, but this shall be pondered at a later date, because there's an Aerosmith special on the making of Pump on VH1. Pump is a good album. Aerosmith is cool. Perhaps watching the process of other people being productive can make me further realize just how wasted my day was. I'm going to go play some Aerosmith albums and dance around all crazy-like. Hopefully this will cure the impending sense of use-less-ness creeping up on me. (sidenote: Word Galaxy Strikes Again!, does anybody else always seem to catch this when they're about to submit something?)


I picked my friend up from the airport tonight. I almost got in an accident before I even made it to the freeway because it was snowing and Toyota Celica’s for one reason or another do not come with four wheel drive options. I slid around a turn and came with in maybe two feet of slamming into an oncoming car. Scary. It’s his car. I drove 40 on the freeway in near blinding snow and the rest of the drive was uneventful.

Waiting at the terminal and watching sun burned happy teenagers dressed in shorts and t-shirts returning from their wild spring break in Mexico. Maybe next year.


Today I think I discovered the reason for my unusually traditional values and morality. T.V. more specifically Leave it to Beaver. This was a show which I watched faithfully as a child everyday after swim practice during the summer (in reruns). I think I took the hijinx of Wally and the Beaver too seriously. As moral lessons rather than comedy.

Ward (Beaver’s father) was the model of the ideal father; he was firm, authoritative, and maintained a level of respect with his sons. He was the kind of father that I wanted to be. Eddie Haskel was an example of the type of person you become if you do not take responsibility for your actions, which leads to a failure of moral character. The seven deadly sins all rapped up into one.

Will my insight radically change my values? No, not really. I’m fine with them.

No Exit. 
 Last Chance To Pay!.
       End Freeway.
"Just the right amount of (sanitised airbrushed) wicked." 

Left Lane Must Exit. 

Chocolate Billboard.             We have a new name!.  

    Parking Violation. 


Go away shitty little worn out broken down see through world I've had enough.

my God is a shallow little bitch trying to make the scene

What is going on people??? I got high yesterday, why do I feel so disconnected today? Lessee...things to blame, things to blame...
five hours of sleep. The weed was laced. We're watching this shitty christian movie, so it must be God's fault. It's less than two days till finals week. I'm about to get my period.
Maybe that's it. I always get weepy and homicidal and gloom/doom-like a few days before. That's what it is. I'm expecting it anyway, why not. The sure-fire scapegoat. Everyone loves one of those, even though no one likes to say they look for blame. Bobby D. the cops were puttin' the screws to him lookin' for somebody to blame...

Things to blame, things to blame...



Some summarization what's f****ng wrong...

  • For some reason, I can't submit stuff (new nodes/update existing) to E2. However, browsing E2 and voting works just fine... and no one else seems to have this problem. This is, as you may guess, slightly annoying.
  • XEmacs won't run some stuff (including but not limited to Gnus). I suspect that my upgrade of GTK+ (1.2.8 -> 1.2.9) broke it.
  • After I upgraded XEmacs it still refuses to run... and when I try to get the non-GTK+ version of XEmacs, the inttttttternet connection won't get Estabilished.
  • Getting headaches and stuff and need to do all sorts of stuff and I make typos and there's nothin on tv and nikt aaaa hell I can't even tjhink streaight enymore. BbbbebbBBbbeBbb...

Please give me something that does work.

I just wanted to do what I felt was right.

Not that it'd actually work. Damn.

Techno-stress. Now I know what that is. My only comfort about it is that I'm in the lucky position of having an operating system that induces it much less. =)

<conspiracy-theory seriousity="0%">

Worst part? I can't call Saunalahti tech support because if I do, I'll probably sound so stressed that they'll call the white-coated people to assist me.

Meanwhile, the Saunalahti staff will notice the number of acute insanity cases directly caused by the incapacity of their modem pools - when net addicts can't get online, they may finally lose it - and tell their superiors about it. The hardware budget can't keep up with the demand, and so more and more of the cases of acutely-lunatic net addicts will surface...

They'll bribe the support people to shut up about the modem banks, but finally some yellow journalists notice the same thing - and then...


(Another daylog brought to you by the feature-deficient but working Nirvana Editor - if XEmacs gets too X, NEdit will just induce N!)



I'm fine. Mostly.

  • Bought Baldur's Gate (proper, if nonluxurious, boxed set, with Tales of the Sword Coast addon...) - Gameplaywise, almost as cool as Nethack (but more awkward, IMO - realtime games have never been in my field of expertise) - plotwise, it's almost as cool as... well, some other games. Neat stuff.
  • Stuff Creation and Updates in E2 have been sort of sticky, as detailed above, and still seems... I have definitely benefited from this short creativity break.
  • Oh, yeah, Schedulist is now finally in CVS. Celebrate. Only took about 2.5 months! =)


Damn it!

Just when I did this strange work with curve approximations, someone created a prime number that, when turned into raw data and gzip -d'd, produces DeCSS source.

Math Insanity...


Played some Baldur's Gate... thought of a new, serious, high fantasy world for GURPS. That sort of stuff. Oh, and wrote silly stuff about some Zork things. So much to do, so little ideas. =(

(Sorry, no silly menus for today. Lots o' nodifications, though.)

I did my first lumbar puncture (see how to do a lumbar puncture) today. Well, sorta. I had a registrar supervise me and I sort of hit bone rather than get the subarachnoid space. As it turns out, I wasn't following the angle of the spinous processes right and he took over and adjusted and fiddled a bit and got it in the right space.

Ohwell. Anyway, it was a guy in his twenties who turned up with headache, photophobia, neck stiffness and a period of disorientation, vertigo and confabulation today. He had had a headache one week ago but that had settled on paracetamol. He also had a bit of a cough for the week and fevers up to 38 degrees centigrade and chills but no rigors. His headache returned with a vengeance today.

The CSF from the lumbar puncture was clear, not milky or cloudy. Microscopy revealed a small amount of red blood cells, no white blood cells and no bacteria on gram stain. Biochemistry on the CSF showed a slightly raised protein level and a normal glucose level. Together with a totally normal full blood count, it looked like this guy had viral meningitis.

He was discharged with lots of analgesia for his headache, was advised to take the week off work and to re-present back to the emergency department if any serious symptoms occur.

Yesterday we went to the astronomy event out in the middle of the everglades. It didn't turn out too well for seeing the sky, since it wound up being all overcast; however there were a lot of fireflies which was pretty cool. Sara and I walked down the trail for a while talking about things. It was nice. As we were walking back, everyone was packing up to go, so we were only there for about an hour.

Sara wasn't feeling too well, so when we got back to Ann's apartment she took off fairly soon. I hung around for a little bit and watched an Eddie Izzard tape. It was a great day though. We had some time together which was cool. I gave her a long backscratch as she stood by me, finally getting the courage to return the favor she had done for me so many times before. It's great to stand right together, barely touching, totally within each other's personal space.

She is my very special person, but I really don't know how to describe what we are together, to other people. It's like we're in a relationship, but we're not involved on any official level. I can't say she's my girlfriend, because that has a denotation which we don't quite fit into. She is a very special friend, and I'd love more than anything to call her a girlfriend; but labels like that might push us over the line that she doesn't want to cross (yet?). Is it always this way? Is this what guys mean when they say women don't make any sense? Is it because men need to sort, label, and categorize things while women are all fuzzy, emotional, and symbolic about things; is that why we drive each other nuts trying to figure each other out? I just want to put into words what it is we have together, but I can't think of any. I'm going off on a tangent though...

Today's the last day of spring break, so Sara wants to stay home and rest and maybe do a little stuyding. She has been down here almost every day of the week, and she lives about 45 minutes away, so she needs to just stay home and relax for a day.

Sara makes the cutest little noise. She told me yesterday that she calls it a meep. It's a little squirreley noise, sort of like a squeak, almost a hiccup, but it's not, and she just does it spontaneously, involuntarily . It is so very cute. I don't know why I suddenly found it necessary to share that; but it just occurred to me, and is one of the little things that makes Sara so special and beautiful.

This is so, unexpected.
a... bonding of sorts, with kisses hugs, and strokes of flesh.

This feels so good.

This feels familiar, nice, right.

I was expecting... something different. Something less. I am crushing for you girl. A slow, warm, closeness growing. I don't know how to proceed. I don't know what comes next, and ... you live so far away. But feelings like this should not be abandoned.

Thank you for this weekend.

my head is lost in a twister of uncertainties - things, people, situations, places - that feel good, that unnerve me, that i know will leave me raving and happy and giggling in the end. but now, right now i'm shaking. probably not too far from tears. no energy to burn. i just want to collapse. most of me feels amazing, excited...the rest of me is just not here.

she touched me last night, sparks in her fingertips, in her hair, in her words. i melted, my guard still up. i still can't let go. i still can't let go. she fits me, but i don't know how, i don't know how...but she's electric, electric fire...

i have no answers (for a change). the only thing i know is that i have needs that need to be taken care of. and like you, kitty cat, when you paid me a visit last..those thoughts are starting to consume me and i can't analyze much else. i understand that now, i understand that...

to be continued...

Saint Patty's Day in Baltimore. The only place to be -- J. Patrick's. Can't breathe, can't move, can't hardly see the door. All jammed together, the faces are blended but fore one stands out in the crowd --

There is this girl. Could have snuck past the bouncer? She sips her bear like she is being watched. She knows that we know she is not "of age".

True, it is hot. The swarms of people have raised the temperature in the room to 95 degrees.

But would you have worn a tank top if you had recently slit your wrists?

The puffy white scars on the front sides of her arms, I suppose, she can do nothing about. They will be there for years, a lifetime perhaps. But those long, red superficial scabs on the underside -- the belly -- of her arms.

They scream -- look at me -- I don't want to die, I want your attention. I desperately need your attention. Desperation. In all its form. Is ugly, twisted, pathetic, so, so sad and pathetic.

...Eric committed suicide in Alaska this past week.


Ahhhhh, I'm upset! Eric, why didn't you talk to someone? I don't understand. You were our class president. You got along well with EVERYONE. You never picked on anyone. You showed respect to all. I looked up to you. You had it all! You were always one step ahead of me throughout school, one class rank above me. I watched you in class. Learning came easy to you. You made it seem effortless. I was chasing your coat tails all four years, but you never knew. You made me a better student. I admired the hell out of you!

You didn't understand when Jeff hung himself all those years ago. Maybe you understand now? I still don't understand. I don't think I want to. How could you have let the waves of life drown you? How could you have GIVEN UP? You were one that I wanted to be like. Always. When you moved to Alaska in search of adventure, I was excited for you! You were shaking up your life, following your heart! I finally found the courage to shake up mine! Is this what I can expect if I continue on your path?


I've lied though. I do understand a little. When Nick died last November, I was thrown into a hell I never imagined. The grief was all consuming. Every waking moment, he was in my thoughts and I was overcome with deep sadness. Every sleeping moment, I was tormented with dreams. One day walking home, while my grief was eating me from the inside out, I stepped out in front of a car. I was hardly aware of it, only the pain in my heart. For an instant, just before I heard the horn blaring, I thought it would be a relief to stop feeling the pain that had engulfed me over the weeks. Only for an instant! It snapped me out of it. I could not be a COWARD and end my life because it would be a relief. I found the strength to go on.

I have only a brief flash of understanding for you. Forgive me Eric but I can no longer chase your coat tails. I am angry with you for giving up. For taking the easy way out. You should have been chasing my coat tails. Maybe you would be alive now, dealing with your pain, and shifting your emotional baggage. And maybe I wouldn't have to deal with the death of yet another friend. How can I admire a quitter? I can empathize with your pain, but not with your choice of dealing with it. You should have called, but now it's too late.

There is more courage in living than in dying

goodbye Eric,I'll never forget you but here is where our paths diverge.


My polls are still up:

Pinup and other art at
and general advice re. grad school at

I am very tired. I didn't stay up as late last night as I expoected to, but nonetheless... It was really beautiful weather. We need to find a good park to go to in Berkeley, though I don't think we'll find anything to rival the Wilson Park Castle. We ate at Shen Hua, which was almost too authentic for my taste--very Northern and very heavy. Maybe we'll try it again at lunch when presumably the bill won't come up to $50. I baked shamrock cookies later and they were pretty good. dmd sent me 99 cents.

Today I'm working on letters-of-begging to send to various professors at Stanford. Don't any active noders go there? I can't seem to find any who do or did.

Horrbile day at work today

It seems to turn out that my co-worker who had a little altercation with a cow yesterday was in fact more injured than he thought he was at the time. Hope he gets better

A graduate student kept bumming around the barns today trying to get someone stupid enough to do a rumisection-transplant for him. He found little old me and almost talked me to death with his sob story. I would have helped him if he would have just shut his trap and did what he was supposed to. But he wouldn't have it. "If you want it done, do it yourself" is essentialy what I ended up having to say to him.

And of certainly to top it all off, one of the calves that was born yesterday has a horrid frontal leg deformity. It could barely stand up on its own hooves when I went to bootle feed it. Very depressing. I'm not sure what they're going to do with it, but I hope they don't have to put it down.

Here's a funny joke my pastor told in this morning's sermon:
A guy is sitting in a restaurant, eating dinner. He notices this beautiful woman sitting alone in another booth. She is so beautiful he can't help but stare at her. So there he is, staring at this beautiful woman, when, all of the sudden, her glass eye falls out and rolls across the floor right to his feet. The woman is very embarrased and comes over to his table to get her eye back. He picks up the eye, and dusts it off, and hands it back to her. She thought that was very kind of him, so she invited him to her table. They started talking and hit it off right away. They just clicked. After dinner she suggested that they go see a movie, which they did and had a great time together. The next day at their lunch break they met for a picnic, and that night she invited him to her house and cooked dinner. He asked her "Why are you being so nice to me, are you this nice to all the guys you meet?". She said "No, just for you." He asked what was it about him that made him special, and she said "I guess you just caught my eye".

(If you're curious the sermon was about lovingkindness, so that's the reason for the joke.)

My sister was at Target today with her boyfriend (a good friend of mine) and they saw CCM hockey skates for $10 a pair (great price for CCM skates). So she called me on her cell phone and asked if I wanted a pair, and I told her sure. They both got a pair, and so now we're gonna go ice skating sometimes. Also, Josh and I are talking about going to open skate for hockey, and playing pick up games. I always wanted to play hockey when I was a kid (haha, I'm 18. I can say that now <grin>) but it was always too expensive (and damn, it's really expensive... Like $250 for all the equipment, and $200 a year just to play). But, now that I have a job I can probably gradually buy the equipment and the games are only like $3 each. This is really cool, it'll be a lot of fun, and it'll help both of us get into better shape...

I got in touch with a girl I used to hang out with about a year ago. She's this really cute blonde haired girl named Heather, and she looks exactly like Faith Hill, except with a tongue piercing. It turns out she's pregnant and engaged to be married. She also quit her job dispensing tasty beverages at Starbuck's. I need to meet her for a game of pool or something to chat and catch up on things. I wish I hadn't stopped hanging out with her when I started dating the weird scientologist girl from Kansas.

To the Discovery channel: I'm sorry, but your efforts to get me excited about the wooly mammoth just aren't working. All the Star Wars-esque special effects and dramatic, celebrity voice-overs just won't get me excited about recent archaeological findings about ancient, giant elephants. I like the rest of the programming, though.

I wish Brenda would call me or something. Anything.

Today was also a good day.

Hmm Bad Things Must Be Lurking

I had an awesome restfull weekend. Nothing really horrible to report. Which means, this daylog, along with every other daylog I have ever written that contain the sentence at the top, "today was a good day," will be downvoted in to near mercy killing status. Oh dear.

Have you ever had the feeling that things are going so well that something bad just has to happen soon? Well, I have the feeling right now. I just hope that all of the downvoting somehow balences it out and gives a little yang to my ying. Naw, it can't be that easy.

More Sleep More Harry

Sleep in. Woke up when my Aunt crashed into the house wanted to see the, "new table," or some such nonsense. I finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets while she was lurking around. I made plans that day to buy the rest of the available series. Damn, I love these books. I feel like such a little kid!

More Bathing, More Girl, More Apartment: Yay!

Took a bath. Read the latest issue of Scientific American. The EUV semi-conductor article made me wonder why my shares of Intel aren't higher. Which reminds me: fiscal policy through tax reform, ha! That's a good one Mr. Bush!!!

Went to pick up my girl. As ususal she needed defrosting. Bought her dinner and took her places she wanted to go, like the grocery store. That always helps.

Went up to her aparment. Showed her how to have fun with grapes in the microwave and then we "relaxed" while her roomates were out.

I am very content now.

Noded Stuff I am Proud Of...

...which is always good, especially since I am so close to a level up (level five, here I come!). I really hope it isn't too much like kissing your sister).

I am also very glad to say that I am confident that my Everything Request for Comments type nodes are a good idea. As according to ERFC: Kanji Write-Ups, I noded the following:

I saw DJ Spooky tonight.

I haven't had my ass kicked so hard by a musician since I saw George Clinton and the P-Funk allstars.

Truly it was an amazing show, a rap group called "Dalek" from north New Jersey opened for him. They were... well interesting to say the least. They really reminded me of some kind of mix between Kid Rock (who I hate), Rage Against the Machine (who I love), and Wu-Tang.

But really, Dalek was nothing compared to DJ Spooky.

The biggest suprise for me during the show was that he would play a cello (I think it was a cello, maybe a standup bass, but I'm pretty sure it was a cello).
To what I could figure out the cello was run through either his effects box (a Pioneer of some sort) and/or his mixer (Techincs) after setting up a beat on the tables (2 Technics 1210's).
This created a truly beautiful mix, he would combine raunchy drum and bass beats while playing crisp, low rumblings on the cello (bass?)

To anyone who has the chance to see DJ Spooky live, my advice is to get tickets in advance, and don't you dare miss it, I promise it will be a show you won't forget!

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