I was responsible for scraping the five-year accumulation of goo off the floor at work today. We had moved a few shelves around that had not been touched in quite some time. Of course there was a lovely brown mess beneath, just waiting for the lowly eighteen-year-old employee to scrape up with a razor blade and some floor stripper in a spray bottle.

I must have looked pretty pathetic, sitting there on the tile floor in my undershirt and dirtied jeans, overheated and scraping away with bloodied knuckles at a mess that refused to shrink no matter the effort supplied by endless labor. Every customer that walked by commented on my luck to have received such a task as this. One man, a kind soul of middle age, sat down on the floor beside me and worked while his wife shopped. He was much more vigorous with the blade than I had the courage to be, and therefore completed much more scraping than I had in my entire hour of work. I thanked him profusely when his wife was finally ready to leave, seven plastic Pfaltzgraff bags adorning her arms. Once again, I was alone with the chemical fumes of death and a slowly dulling razor blade.

I finally finished a 3x3 foot section of gunk around eight thirty this evening. By then it was far past time for me to get working on the other chore-type cleanup jobs. I dusted, swept, mopped, emptied the trash, and straightened most of the merchandise, removed empty hooks and vacant sheets of plexi glass from the shelves, and finally ended up in the back room counting out the deposit with the supervisor. Definitely an exciting Saturday night.

Earlier today, my brother and his girlfriend, Sheena, had brought home two more gerbils to add to the growing collection of miscellaneous pets Adam has been accumulating these past few months. We now have four Oscars in the large fish tank out in the family room, and a total of four gerbils who inhabit a small cage in Adam’s room. I claimed one of the new ones today. He is white and very soft; hence, I named him Mustard.

I watched The Cell for the second and a half time. It was just as odd as I had remembered, although I did pick up on a few things that had been missed during the first time and a half of viewing it. The over-muscled topless woman is a little buckis, but if I closed my eyes I could pretend she wasn’t there.

The special features of the movie at the end were rather disappointing. There were several ‘deleted scenes’ to be viewed, most of which were unimpressive at best. However, I discovered it is possible to watch the entire movie without the dialog. I did not have the patience to try that after just finishing the movie once. There is also the possibility of playing the entire movie while listening to the director’s commentary, which I did try for about three minutes. After a while it just seemed like some sick and twisted football game narration without the football. So I fell asleep.