sometimes it is lonely in the city, and sometimes i just don't like to be anywhere completely alone. i'm used to having people doing random things in the background, perhaps not anything i really know about, or care about, but it is a comfort and i miss it when i am here. chester st usually has it, the randomness, people doing things around me. i kind of need it. i am not sure if that will change. i at least need it at night, or in the evenings. i miss my sister, everyone else too but i miss my sister, or anyone i could talk to like that.

my weekend with jesus. he is sweet for staying here. it's probably not that exciting, i'm not being overly interesting, but i am glad he is here, i am.

i want to hang out with jared because i'm just comfortable around him, my head is, i need that too.

i miss you already, of course it may seem lame and everyone says i should enjoy the break but i didn't ask for a break and i don't need one. heh in fact, i really don't want this one, but i can deal, just as well. i wish you'd call, even for a second, it would help me sleep much more easily..

i haven't been around e2 quite so much. i couldn't say why except that i don't really have my own computer in boston.

ah well.. time to go watch soul calibur, or somethin' along those lines. :)