I picked my friend up from the airport tonight. I almost got in an accident before I even made it to the freeway because it was snowing and Toyota Celica’s for one reason or another do not come with four wheel drive options. I slid around a turn and came with in maybe two feet of slamming into an oncoming car. Scary. It’s his car. I drove 40 on the freeway in near blinding snow and the rest of the drive was uneventful.

Waiting at the terminal and watching sun burned happy teenagers dressed in shorts and t-shirts returning from their wild spring break in Mexico. Maybe next year.


Today I think I discovered the reason for my unusually traditional values and morality. T.V. more specifically Leave it to Beaver. This was a show which I watched faithfully as a child everyday after swim practice during the summer (in reruns). I think I took the hijinx of Wally and the Beaver too seriously. As moral lessons rather than comedy.

Ward (Beaver’s father) was the model of the ideal father; he was firm, authoritative, and maintained a level of respect with his sons. He was the kind of father that I wanted to be. Eddie Haskel was an example of the type of person you become if you do not take responsibility for your actions, which leads to a failure of moral character. The seven deadly sins all rapped up into one.

Will my insight radically change my values? No, not really. I’m fine with them.